Best Click-Hungry Posts Titles Tactics (Personal Experiences)

Why do you think people search for "blog titles generator", "blog titles ideas", "creative title examples", "list of catchy titles", "blog title analyzer", "blog titles for SEO", etc?

They want to write titles that are irresistible for any searcher.

I’m writing this post with very little research. All that motivated me to write it were keywords that I got when I searched through Google. I shared my little secret to know what people are searching for on the internet in the post, "Best 2 Keywords Tools You Need for Blogging - No Further Searching".

There, I condemned searching for a dozen of tools that would give you ideas of what to write about. I then showed you how to write convincing post titles.

I don’t care about what other bloggers had written or have to say on how to write post titles that people will just love to click.

If I must care, I won’t write this post. Do you know why?

We already have thousands of the same titles out there. Imagine “15 Tips to Write Post Titles”, “20 Post Titles that Surely Get Clicks” and a score of such headlines.

Well, those writers are aware most readers love numbers – 11, 13, 17, etc. They're more for clickbait! I discussed how click-baiting can be a dangerous game in my post, "Clickbaiting: Where and How To Use and Not To".

Let’s be factual! You don’t need a hundred post title ideas to win readers and get clicks organically. All you need are basic working ideas that have worked for others and not just some imaginations and assumptions.

This post will show you my tested and working approaches. It's a narration of how they had really helped me get clicks and rankings. If you use this too, I guarantee you will be back to thank me.

Before I give you my cheats, let me show you why using the right titles for your posts is a profitable investment.

Why Do You Need Best Post Titles that Readers Can’t Skip?

Using the right titles for your posts means a lot for your success in blogging. And it's my observation that readers love titles, Google admires it and most importantly, it helps in the rankings. Let's see the 3 reasons below to justify why you should start your posts with captivating headlines.

1. Users Care for that

Even though they don’t know what you’ve packed into your posts, they wanted to see the content if your titles were promising.

A friend had once told me he loved reading posts with titles he can refer other people to online. He loved exciting and memorable titles.

Most visitors still want to kill your ranking by clicking to read what you have. And if unsatisfied, they bounce back almost immediately to "de-rank" you. You'd better deliver what you promised. Readers are used to baiting titles. Yet, they want to see if you have anything different.

My post, "Bounce Rate: Does It Matter For Ranking and SEO" will help you to know where bounce rates can be disastrous or otherwise.

2. Google Loves What Readers Love

Google does nothing more than that. You call it ranking; Google calls it “our users’ experience”. If Google notices more clicks on your titles, you’re likely going to see a jump in a few days.

However, your content should be better. Or else, Google will understand you only clickbait if readers bounce back too often for better results.

3. It’s Your Identity

Do you notice some bloggers have certain patterns of headings for their posts? I've noticed that with some blogs I regularly visit. Once, I see that pattern, it’s easier to know who it belongs to.

Your titles can retain such prestige if you know how well to approach them.

My blog has several posts with these: “What” “How” and “When”. I used those titles to answer questions readers are asking.

For example:
“Which one is higher between NCE and OND? See Answer”.

Hence, when my readers see titles with, “See Answer”, they know it’s mine.

How to Win Clicks With Your Post Titles

If your posts' titles are disappointing even with great content, you may have to wait a very long time to see major rankings. Google only ranks what people click and read. Without that, most search engines don't care for your content. Ensure you take the qualities below into consideration while writing the headlines.

1. Go Basics With Your Words

People want to read headings and understand what to expect in the posts.

Let’s see the title of this very post.

“Best Click-Hungry Post Titles Tactics (Personal Experiences)”

Why did you click?

It’s because you understood what you would see on the next page. You would learn practical ideas from someone who has truly used and experienced them.

People don’t want ambiguous grammar. Do they have to track brains to interpret what your titles mean?

I used the same tactic for this post. That’s why you clicked. If it works on you, it’s working on hundreds of other people.

2. Keep it Short for Readers, Could Be Long for Google

Yes, you should keep your post titles short for searchers. Yet, it can be a bit longer for search engines.

By standard, short titles are more ideal. Depending on the length of words in it, you should maintain between 6 to 8 words.

Let me explain.

See the result below.

This means when readers search for the keywords, they only see this “College of Health Ilesa Form is Out (2020/2021): See Courses,”

A part of this title is not showing. This is the way Google treats longer titles, of course. It truncates the excessive part when displaying the results.

What's important?

What matters to me is for my readers to see that first part of the titles. It’s enough for them to stay and click on my posts.

Let's see the truncated words in the title above. “College of Health Ilesa Form is Out (2020/2021): See Courses, Requirements, Price, Fees, etc.”

Do you see what Google cuts off the screen when people search?

Now, here is my point.

The fact that Google cuts that part doesn’t mean it’s not seeing it. But readers may not.

Once Google can see all the words and searchers can see the part very important to them, then it works fine for me - I win!

I win Google, I win searchers.

This is why when people search for keywords like,
  • College of Health Ilesa Courses,
  • College of Health Ilesa Admission Requirements,
  • College of Health Ilesa Form Price,
  • College of Health Ilesa Tuition/Fees …

… the same post ranks for all of the keywords. This is because searchers are clicking the same title for all twists of keywords.

3. Go Evergreen With Choice of Words

It’s easy to fall victim to posting like others. I warn you, don’t.

Fresh topics and titles can be so inviting. In fact, millions of people can read it.

Mind you, that doesn’t last long. Searching and readership for such trending posts end within months.

Don’t join the league. Give readers something long-lasting. Go for titles that will remain needed for several years to come.

Similarly, your choice of titles may allow adding seasonal changes to titles, if possible, for attracting more fresh clicks.

Let’s see the titles below for an example.
  • How to make it great in consulting (Updated for 2022)
  • 2022 Compilation of AdSense Tips and Tricks
  • Make 100,000 Pages Views with the New Methods Unveiled in 2022

These titles are not only irresistible but also evergreen. You can, at any time, in the future, with a few twists, give the titles new lives by changing the dates.


I don’t imagine what I’ve covered here had not been covered before. What I’m sure of is, most you've read before now were more fictional than reality.

The techniques listed above truly work and are practical. It can work for anybody in any niche or industry if well used.

Do you think there are better approaches to this than the three above? Share your experience, leave a comment below.

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