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Page not opening even when connected

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I’ve been taking my readers by the hands and showing them how to blog for real money. My job is not complete if I can’t assist in maximizing the capacity of your blog more than you’re currently having.

Do you know you can be losing traffic if your blog fails to open on the networks of certain internet service providers? And if you’re already earning through the blog, nothing is as bad as losing readers to certain networks not opening your pages.

Yes, some bloggers had reported their blogs were not opening or pages not responding on certain ISPs such as Glo, Etisalat, Airtel, or MTN. This has happened to me too. Leave a comment below this post if you’d experienced the same with Glo or any other networks.

I solved the problem but so late.

I was concentrating on creating great content for Google and readers. But I forgot I might be losing organic traffic to Glo network not working with my blog.

Let me explain.

My Blog Didn't Open With Glo After Registering It at .info

After registering my blog, I started noticing that, when the domain was visited on any device connected to the Glo network, it wouldn’t open. If you used other networks, it did open well.

While I was still using, I didn't experience this for a day. But when I changed to .info. Other bloggers who registered .com,, .biz etc also reported this.

This didn’t bother me at first. I later realized I was wasting my efforts if people using Glo clicks on my blog and all they saw was “page not available” or something of such.

I didn’t research into this to know if others were experiencing the same issue and probably some had got a solution to it.

I only contacted my registrar. They told me the issue wasn’t from them. They blamed ISPs for this mess. And they’re right.

Do I have to call Glo and report this?

It doesn’t sound rational. I didn't have anything to do with Glo. My visitors did.

Then, I left it to the hope that things would get normal with time. I'd thought it's temporary!

I could have waited forever, had I not talked to a friend. What he prescribed finally showed me that I’d been losing about 3,000 page views (daily) in the last year.

See the difference in my page views after a day of using this solution.

Below was what I found out and how you can use the same to solve this problem.

Use Cloudflare to Solve Glo or Other ISPs Not Loading Blog Pages

I don’t know if any other methods or means work. I never used any other than Cloudflare. And since that worked, no need to search any further.

How to go about this? So Simple…

Don’t let me bother you with details. Follow the steps below:

Visit Cloudflare Sign Up Page. Fill the form and submit it.

Start with the signup

Visit your email to see Cloudflare's verification email. Click the verification link in the message to activate your account.

Verify your account through this message

Now, your account is active!

After this, you will be directed to a dashboard. Here, you will see a box to add a site. Fill the box with your domain/URL and click “add a site”.

Follow the next prompts without altering anything until you get to the “Select a Plan” page. Here, choose the FREE plan. And if you want more benefits, you can be a premium subscriber and choose any of the paid plans.

Then, confirm the plan to proceed.

On the next page, you will see details like the ones below. Don’t change anything.

Click "continue"

Now, you should be on the “Change your Nameservers” page.

This is where you’re coming to.

Mind the Nameservers to copy. You will need the two.

Where will you need them?

Let’s go…

Change Your Registrar Domain Nameservers to that on Cloudflare

Now, log into your account with your domain host company/registrar.

If you’re using DomanKing that I use, the page will look like this.

Click on “My Domains”. This will open the list of your existing domains.

Click on the right-pointing arrow next to your domain name. This will open the Nameservers page of your domain with the registrar as shown below.

Scroll up to see the Nameservers boxes below the page.

Note that, there’re two boxes filled here.

Now, go back to the Cloudflare Nameservers. Copy the content in its boxes and use it to replace the ones on your hosting registrar’s website.

Finally, Save Changes on your host page.

That’s all.

You may need to wait up to 24 hours or thereabout for the system to blend things up before a perfect response.

You can then check your blog pages on the network that wasn’t loading it earlier. It should be opening by now.

In case you're using another registrar than DomainKing, their interface should look the same or nearly the same. Hence, nothing to worry about if you're not using the same registrar I used in this guide.


Needless to say, it hurt losing traffic to pages not opening because your readers are using certain networks to access your website/blog. They’re not losing as much as you’re.

And you know traffic is the blood of blogs. The higher your traffic, the more likely you’ll earn.

I recommend you do this as soon as you register your blog – changing it from or any other free host. Do you have to wait until you lose a few readers?

Have you suffered the same fate? Do you think there’s a better way to do this? Do you think this doesn't worth the effort? Leave a comment below.

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