How to Outrank Authority Blogs in the Same Niche and Keywords

Probably after months of hard work on your blog with no success in the ranking, you may be wondering if it’s ever possible to beat those authority blogs/websites.

And to say the truth, you can hardly find an untapped niche today. There’re 1.6 billion active URLs on the internet among which 500 or more are blogs (2019 data). Almost all niches you can think of has hundreds, if not thousands of bloggers.

Those people had established themselves with time. Then, you start to be wondering, won’t it take a decade to rank for your keywords? Will you ever be known in the industry or niche?

This was how I felt when I started out. But with my researches, I’d got the clues. With content and commitment, I can outrank any authority website in positions and for keywords.

Using the results, I achieved that eventually.

I’m here to share my experiences. How did I do it? This guide will show you how to use the same tricks to outrank your competition whether you own a new or an old blog.

Can You Outrank No 1 Blog in Your Industry?

Two things are involved.

You can outrank a website in the industry (niche) or in certain keywords.

"Industry" is the field, niche or areas of your writing.

"Keywords" represent information internet users are searching for.

It’s clearly possible to outrank an authority website or blog in both areas. While I can guarantee the latter in the short-run, competing for industry positions will take more time and sweat.

I can explain…

How to Identify Authority Websites in Your Niche

Let’s say your niche is “admission updates”. By this, you are to be updating prospective admission seekers on the latest news on education, scholarships, and admissions.

Here is a quick way to know those who are already dominating the industry.

Search “latest admission updates” on Google.

As at the time of this post, Google gave me this.

Google search results for authority blogs

Those guys are the big guys Google has recognized for admission updates in Nigeria.

My one-year-old blog – is not even on the first page. Like I said, that may take a few more months before I can join the league in the industry.

Can You Outrank These Guys?

The question again, can you beat these guys on page 1 for the “authority”?

The answer is YES.

As earlier said, that will take time no matter what you do.

In fact, you may need to wait for some of them to be sanctioned for any offense by Google. They may get off that page sooner if they’re hit by core Google updates or periodic algorithms.

If nothing unnatural happens to these big guys, you may need to post your ass off with more quality content and go extra with commitment before you can beat them by “industry” or “niche”.

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How to Identify Authority Websites for Keywords

Do your Google search again.

This time, we’re looking for some specific keywords.

Let’s try “College of Health Ilesa Technology admission requirements” and “How to upload results to the JAMB portal”.

For the first keywords, here is the result as at the time of this post.

Quick Method to Identify Authority Websites for Keywords

With these keywords, my one-year-old blog outranked all the authority blogs. It stands at number 1. It maintains this position more often than number 2nd to 5th positions, in recent months.

I don’t remember the time it disappeared on page 1 in the last 12 months.

For the second keywords, the blog outranks several other authority blogs to stand at number 4 on page 1.

How to Achieve Outranking in Keywords

Having said that it’s hard to outrank an authority website in terms of the niche, it’s not as difficult to achieve the same for certain keywords.

As a blogger, what you need most is being able to rank and outrank for the keywords you’re writing on.

And a continually outranking in keywords will eventually catapult you to the authority status too. Don’t forget that the BIG guys also started somewhere.

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What New Blogs Should Do to Outrank Competition

If you own a new blog, follow the quick guide below to outrank those authority blogs in your niche.
  1. Concentrate More on Long-Tail Keywords: You can’t beat those before you easily if you’re writing what they’ve written or are currently writing. Check for what they are not including in their keywords and write on it. I detailed this and more in the post, "How To Make Posts Rank When Others Have Already Written Them"
  2. Depart from Similar Areas: If they are ranking for terms such as how to design logos, go for how and where to use professional logos. If they are covering updates on admission lists, concentrate on tuitions of those schools.
  3. Go for Basic Guides: The authority blogs don’t have time to work on basic topics again. They’re having a bigger audience to serve. Leave them there and talk basics to gain a new set of readers. This post will help you have a good understanding of how to use basics and non-pillar posts to rank your blog.
  4. Avoid Posting the Latest Things Only: Give more attention to old things but needed things people are searching for. If you want to join the league of people sharing the latest, they will shadow your domain. Their audience knows where to check for the latest updates. They don’t really go through Google. They visit the websites directly.
  5. Use your Personal Voice: Present your articles in your own way but professionally. Don’t imitate anybody here. Readers know you’re copying when you talk or write like someone else. Hence, they will prefer the person to you. This is how to make your posts unique.

What Old Blogs Should Do to Outrank Competition

Truth be said, if your blog is as old as two years and you’re not ranking for your targeted keywords, it simply means some things are wrong.

Let’s see what could be wrong. But before then, take note. If your blog is less than 5 years without great work and commitment, you shouldn’t be seeing yourself as an authority yet. You don’t call yourself an authority. It’s what the users call you and it’s what Google calls you.

Now check the following areas if you’re still lagging behind in ranking for keywords.
  1. You Can Start Afresh: I don't mean you should delete your existing blog and start all over. With my recommendations for the new blogs above, you must have seen what you're doing wrong. Take the pain. Delete poor content, edit and empower them, if possible. Take the 5 suggestions above seriously for your old blog too.
  2. Check for Copy and Paste: Hope you’re not a victim of copying and pasting other people's works? If you are, forget outranking those you’re copying. I explained this in “ Number 1 Worst Way to Start Blogging for Money”.
  3. Check for Plagiarism: I don’t see plagiarism as copy and paste. It’s more complex than that. It’s best explained as repetition or reproduction of the same work others have covered just as they covered it. An authority blog wrote, “15 ways to achieve successes”. You also wrote, “15 ways to achieve success”. And to make things worse, you discuss literally the same points. Even if they are writing in your own vocabularies, you’re still copying. Go beyond others; bring in personal experiences, use pictures, screenshots and chats to differentiate your work. In fact, argue against their points if possible. I discussed this more in the post “3 Reasons Your Blog and Posts Are Not Ranking On Page 1”.


Outranking authority blogs and posts is nothing unachievable. All you must get is what it takes. And if you can give that, I assure you it works.

I had done this and I’ve seen others doing it. The rule never changed – content, commitment and better.

Do you think it’s too hard to get to the top of authority websites/blogs? Have you applied these tactics without success in the past? Do you know better ways to outrank the big guys on the first page of Google search? Share your experience. Leave a comment below.

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