How to Increase Blog Page-Views With a Few Visits

How to Increase Page Views with a Few Visitors
With small page visits, you can win more views

I watched my page views growing very slowly and it got me frustrated. You might also have experienced the same with your website. You checked the page views and all you had was 10 or at most, 300 page views per day.

How could someone ever make any money with that figure if things remained the same for a decade? I think no way. 

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This is why it’s very important to find the means to increase the traffic to your blog in order to make some reasonable money from your products or services. And for participants in native ads such as Google AdSense and similar ad networks, the number of visits and views matters.

So what do you do to increase your blog traffic and page views?

That’s what I’m about to cover in this post. Before proceeding to that, let me clarify something.

Difference Between "Traffic" and "Page Views"

Traffic is one thing, page-view is another. Traffic is synonymous with visits while page-views is the number of pages checked by those visitors.

If a reader is referred to your post through, probably Google search, it’s called “visit”. If you have 10 of these referrals, you’ve got 10 visits.

Whereas, if the 10 visitors click through two posts each on your blog, you have 20 views (10 x 2=20).

The question here is, which one should matter to a content marketer between page views and visits?

Well, the answer depends on who you ask.

If you should ask me, I’ll tell you I want views for my new blogs but visits more for my old blogs. 

Let me explain a bit further.

For a new blog, you don’t have enough content yet. You’re no authority in your niche yet. You don’t have enough readers yet.

Then, why are you expecting search engines to be sending you traffic of new visitors? It doesn't work that way.

Before you can be ranking for organic searches, a few things must be put in place. See how to increase organic traffic for your posts.

That’s it!

If you’re asking the same question of whether more "visits" are better than "views" from an authority, old and resourceful blogger, he will prefer "visits".


He’s already established himself in the niche and views are not his problem. Those who come to his pages know more of what to look for. Hence, he will prefer search engines to be sending him new visitors who are yet to know about his works. He can win more views and subscriptions from first-timers.

Now, ask yourself, which one should you look for?

If you’re new and no authority, compete for more views, than visits (because it will take time to get more visits in the first place).

Why I Need More Page Views than Visits

After the first 6 months of starting my first blog, I was left in the dark for my traffic. I wanted something very organic. I didn’t want to bring in Facebook page, twitter or sponsor traffic (at least, not yet). See 6 Fastest Approaches to Drive Traffic To Websites

Then, I worked my ass off to write quality, unique and resourceful content. I did that by making sure I wrote something more comprehensive, statistically-backed, well-illustrated and unique posts than those I was competing with.

My early visitors could not resist subscribing to my blog because those posts were truly convincing.

However, the traffic was so small that I couldn’t believe I eventually made 10,000 page views in all one year. See how I later used email subscriptions to grow readership and ranking.

I'd earlier done my homework right with themes editing, content and more. Nothing worked.

Then, I found out I was doing one thing wrong.

You ask what?

Instead of focusing my efforts on increasing page views, I was worried about a few page visits. Finally, I got the right answer to my question; “if 100 visitors come in a day, turn them to 1,000 views.”

So simple.

By Maths, I must make sure 100 visitors read up to 10 posts before leaving my blog.

Therefore, the Maths will be 100 x 10 = 1,000

It worked! Let's see how...

Increase Page Views with a Few Visitors

First, create a system following the approach below.
  1. Create basic posts
  2. Create question-and-answer pattern posts
  3. Create a few pillar posts
  4. Link the basic posts and FAQs in the pillar posts.

This system has worked so well for me and most other bloggers out there.

Let’s look into them one after the other.

1. Creating Basic Posts

These posts are not necessarily going to be the best of your niche. You’re writing them to retain your readers. You’re giving newbies more things to go through. You’re empowering your blog by establishing your in-depth understanding of what you're covering.

You can limit the length of most basic posts to about 500 to 1000 words. That’s cool! See the ideal length of a perfect post.

What they will help you do is serve as the linked posts (baby posts) in your main backbone posts (pillar posts). See how to write non-pillar posts/pages and still rank.

For example, if you write one pillar post, and within it, you link to other 5 to 7 basic posts to explain things further, a few readers will open the basic posts to read as well.

What do you get with that? More views, of course!

2. Create FAQs Pattern of Posts

This is actually more advanced than basic posts. It breaks things down in the form of lengthy posts.

For example, let's say you pick a topic, “Understanding Google Adsense (A – Z Questions and Answers)”

With this topic, no one can sit down and write everything about Adsense, yet people want answers to a few basic things to get it all understood.

To help them, answering questions like what is Adsense?, who owns Adsense?, how does it operate?, do I need it for my blog?, what is CPC?, what is RPM?, what is CTR? etc in a post will help you guide many beginners.

Hence, when making references to these points in your pillar and gigantic posts, you can easily link to the FAQs type of posts.

What do you get with that? More views.

3. Create Pillar and Gigantic Posts to Rank and Capture Readers

The very reason almost all SEO experts will ask you to write a dozen pillar and unique posts is that they know it works.

It works for capturing readers' love and Google's attention.

There’s probably no way you will go pillar without being unique with your words, presentations, findings, etc.

This is while search engines look around for such works. And when their users hit the search buttons, you’re more likely going to be right at the top. Though, there a few situations where longer content can still hurt your ranking, they work more of the time.

Do you want only a visit and a view per pillar post?

Absolutely NO!

You want them to stay and consume that. Then, take the time to read more posts on your blog. Read Blog Like a Pro: Make Readers Stay to the End and Rank Page 1.

To achieve more, you have to link a few keywords, phrases, sentences or titles within these long posts. You take your readers to more basic and FAQ pattern posts as discussed above.

It doesn't matter if you have just had 10 visits, what matters is taking more views from those few visits.


If you’re wondering how I was able to turn just 1000 visits to 345,000 views, there you have it.

This is the only way we can have more views is with a few posts. Types of content and how we blend things arm-in-arm matter most. You have to professionally marry your posts - new and old to gain more views. In the end, more views pay.

Do you consider this approach working for you too? Do you just want to try it out? Do you think it can't work for certain blogs or niches? Share your experiences. Leave a comment below.