How to Get Faster Google Adsense Approval With 1 Submission

Google Doesn’t Just Approval Blogs But You and Your Contents
Google Adsense approved

Just as the name of this blog implies – Blog Plus Dollars, the main reason most people start blogging is to earn money through the Google ad service called AdSense.

AdSense is a service owned by Google and it is a medium through which the company is compensating publishers who help it to show its customers' ads on blogs, websites, apps, etc.

What everybody seems to understand is, to start earning through AdSense, you must at least own a blog, app, or website. We mostly forget you don’t just own a blog, you should know how to write posts for readers. And for the money part, you must be able to write specifically for AdSense approval.

Very many have tried to apply for Adsense for months without success. Some were frustrated for not approving their applications for several weeks. As a result, they quit and never come back.

What if I told you that Adsense approval was so easy. I can guarantee you a one-time application and approval if you just do exactly as I'll be covering in this post.

Google Doesn’t Just Approve Blogs But You and Your Content

Apart from the obvious reasons for not getting approval (such as writing adult content, violence, racism-based content, etc), Google still doesn’t approve your blog if you’re not writing for Adsense purpose. See 11 Types of Blog You Shouldn’t Start Now or Never.

Let me explain.

Disapproval message from Adsense team

Google accepts ads from their advertisers and places them on independent publishers’ pages. Hence, they want quality from your pages, if you’ll eventually be approved to be part of their networks.

There are certain elements that must be implemented well on your blog, website, apps before Adsense can proudly associate with you. They also have their name to protect!

With this post, I want to share with you how and why several publishers and I got our AdSense approvals - making sure we do things right before submitting the applications.

Why AdSense Applications are Usually Rejected/Disapproved

When I started out just like you, I did some findings on how to get approval for my new blog. I’d thought I got enough knowledge to apply and get Google’s stamp. But my application was rejected.

If you haven’t applied yet, don't make my mistakes. If your application was earlier rejected, it could be due to the blunders I committed too. So read on...

Why Was My AdSense Application Rejected?

1. I Used a Poor Theme

If you’re just into blogging, you’re more likely going to use a default theme. I recommend using the default theme if you create your blog through, WordPress, or any other platforms.

If you had recently changed to a new theme before your application, Google may notice some amateur layout in your touches. They may notice some bugs in the theme's codes. Hence you’re rejected.

Don’t forget you’re about to be working with the world's largest media owner. And they’re part of your business too. If anything goes wrong with you, it also affects them.

Here, I recommended using Google Blogger or any blogging platform default theme to get approval. Then, you can later change to another one after being stamped. See How to Edit 5 Important Parts of Your Blog Theme and Make it Work For you

2. Poor Grammars and Vocabularies

What I noticed after they rejected my application was certain errors in my writings.

As a beginner, even if you’re an English major, certain typo errors may crawl into your works.

There is no specific way to know that I was rejected for my blunders, I saw those mistakes later anyway. And to me, it’s a practical thing for a company like Google should take seriously.

And my later experience of how typo and grammatical blunders can hinder ranking, this area should be looked into.

I detected these mistakes after installing Grammarly Plugin on my browsers and used it while editing each post.

I suggest you use the same service to help you look more professional with your content.

3. No Details of Personal Information

This is my best bet for the disapproval. And if it’s not the main reason, it is one of.

Google wants you to open up your identity for readers. If you are a company – give details. If you’re an individual – show up.

Having said that, Google wants your full name in your contact information and they want it written clearly on it. If you must use an alias, tell readers why.

They want you to have the contact page, privacy page, Disclaimer page. If you are an individual, use “I” or “me”. If you are a team or company use “we” or “us”.

If you don’t know how to write privacy and terms, kindly check on an existing blog with AdSense approved. Copy its words and paste it for yours. Then change the content to yours.

That will solve the problem and it is never seen as copy and paste or plagiarism. Everyone uses almost the same standard.

AdSense Application Re-Submitted and Approved

After making up for those little things, I was approved. The corrections took me just a day.

Adsense congratulatory message

I was rejected for the little mistakes on my blog. All I did were:
  • I changed back to’s default theme, 
  • corrected spelling mistakes, and grammatical mix-ups and 
  • opened up in my terms and conditions, privacy policies, and contact details.

I may see these as little things: Google sees them as bigger things.

Finally got approved but content sealed the deal.

Other Parts of Website To Pay Attention Before Applying for Adsense

Even though what I detailed above were the few things I didn't do right that led to the rejection. Yet, I'd done a few things correctly before I applied in the first place. Hence this guide won't be complete if you don't learn about the right things earlier done.

1. Content Help Adsense Approval

The power of content in getting AdSense approval can’t be underestimated.

I had earlier published 15 quality and original articles before my applications. Some of these posts were about 700 words with the prospects for improvement. See Long-Form Content: How to Easily Write Many Topics.

Google loves when your words, voice, and presentation are original. Even if you write the same topics most bloggers had covered, it doesn’t matter for your approval. Just avoid copy and paste - at least before you get approval. Though, I don't recommend that any time in your blogging career.

You need to be yourself while telling your own stories.

Having said that, I’d seen people who got approval with just 5 to 10 posts. You don’t need to write a hundred articles before Google accepts you into AdSense.

2. Receive A Few Organic Traffic Before the Application

Another edge I had over a majority of nagging bloggers being approved was that my blog had been receiving a few organic traffic.

Most applicants create their blogs and within a few days, they apply for Adsense. I don’t have any evidence that you will be rejected if your blog is not receiving organic traffic before your application. Yet, I recommend you wait for the light of the days before you apply.

I think it helps. And it won’t frustrate you as you’ll almost immediately be earning from such traffic when approved.

3. Look Closely at the Team's Recommendations

The Adsense team may not be directly about why your approval is rejected. Yet, they will prescribe some steps to take immediately if you will resubmit your application.

Take time to digest these recommendations. Most of the time, the secret to your successful approval is blended within rejection notice. In my own case, I'd know these before the application. You'll love to see that too before warned.

Here are some recommendations to help you improve the user experience on your site and comply with AdSense criteria:
  • It’s important for sites displaying Google ads to offer significant value to the user. As a publisher, you must provide unique and relevant content that gives users a reason to visit your site first.
  • Don’t place ads on auto-generated pages or pages with little to no original content.
  • Your site should also provide a good user experience through clear navigation and organization. Users should be able to easily click through your pages and find the information they’re seeking.


I don’t have to apply for a different Adsense account for my blogs. I only need one approval for all my blogs – if I wish for a dozen in the future. If not, I am sure if I apply now for a new account, I will get the approval immediately.

You know why?

Once I put all these tips and tricks in place, my approval is guaranteed. If you follow the same, I assure you of a one-time application and approval. All you need is to do what I did right and avoid my mistakes.

Did you experience the same thing I shared here? Did you get approval without following my own guide? Share your experience. Leave a comment below.

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  1. Good tips. I also got approval after 40 days of blogging and having 19 posts at the first application. Once you do the right thing, you'll get easily approved.