4 Title Touches To Gain More Clicks and Ranking in 2022

More clicks are guaranteed with these tricks

A few of my posts on this blog had detailed how to gain more readership and higher ranking. Some of these shared tricks might appear unusual at first, but you should know, now, they're working. For example where I talked about email subscribing as a ranking factor.

What if I told you that retouching - editing, rewriting, or pruning of post titles can earn you higher positions on Google in just a few days? And the good news is, you don't have to do more than that - no need to update the entire post, no need to add more words to the content.

I dropped a comprehensive guide on writing captivating post titles recently. In that post, I showed you the power of starting your posts with something people are truly looking for and ways you should write your titles such that prospective visitors would be left with no other choice than to click and read.

But, there are more. I got this new idea lately and it won't be kind of me if I keep things to myself.

If you're experiencing a drop in rankings or your posts are not ranking as you'd expected, these little touches will catapult your position.

The Technique I'm About to Share With You is Not Click-Bait

Have you heard of clickbait trick?

Click-baiting means showing very captivating titles to users without the content of equal value. It may also mean using titles that are different from what the content is about. Worst still, some give the real title, but very poor content.

Most bloggers believe in the power of click-baiting. They won't realize the harm, especially when things are working for them. But when nemesis catches up, they're dropped off the ladder.

All this surrounds what is termed click-bait. Avoid this by all means.

Why Should You Avoid Click-Baiting

As a matter of fact, Google and other search engines treat your new content like new-borns. As soon as you drop your posts, they work on ranking it. They showed this to a few people almost within a few hours. Then, wait for feedbacks. I detailed this in my post, "How Google and Other Search Engines Truly Ranks Posts Up to No. 1 Position"

If those searchers love your post titles and the content therein, you will continually be ranked. You may even retain the number 1 position or page 1 for a very long time, if not forever.

If those people feel like being baited to click and read the junks you've put up, they'll immediately or nearly immediately bounce back to the search results and look for better results. If this happens, it sends signals to search engines that you're baiting them to read useless content. Read Sudden Increase in Bounce Rate: Should You Worry?

The result is simple - you're never ranked again.

However, a few click-baiters escape this for several months, even years. I've seen writers winning more clicks with wow titles. Getting to their pages, you find nothing useful.

And if you should check similar results with dull titles, they may have better things to offer. Yet, they're far below our Mr. click-baiters. The question is why? What is Google doing about that? Is that not cheating? And it's not fair ...

Well, Google is not human. We, humans, decide for Google not the other way round.

In the meantime, it means that a few innocent people are still clicking the posts. They remain lured into believing that the posts are good. This will stop sooner, on two conditions:
  1. More matured readers will bounce back to better results when they don't see values in those content you wrote.
  2. Some other bloggers will write better titles with better content.

Titles may matter in the short-run, content matters in the long-run.

With that said, you must understand what content may give you rather than the titles. Ask yourself, what can you achieve with better titles and the right content together? This is the very reason this post is important. You can win early clicks with titles and retain readers with quality content.

How I Retain Position One for My Posts With Title Editing, Rewriting, Rearranging and Prunning

After dropping a few posts on one of my blogs, I usually leave them untouched for about 3 months before I can know the final ranking ability of the content. I do this because, even if my posts rank number one in the first few hours, it's not an assurance that there is no better content out there. Google may just be experimenting to know if people will love or prefer it at that position.

A few of your posts may make the first page in a week but if you check back days later, you may see them on page three. This is telling you that short-term ranking is possible and may not be reliable.

As a result, I wait about three months before I can be sure I've got a place to stand. See How to Check If Google is Crawling and Ranking Posts.

Most often, I later have some posts remain at the bottom of page 1. Some at number 4 and some somewhere in-between. If I want number one position, what I do is to edit, rewrite, rearrange words or prune the titles and nothing more.

This has helped me achieved the number 1 position for most of my posts. That's why I concluded that the simple act of changing words and the looks of post titles is something that is worth investing our time on.

How to Edit the Titles to Gain More Clicks and Ranking

Clicks give short-term sucess, content gives long-term ranking!

Having said there was something important about "click" that is not about "content". Gaining access to read your great, quality and unique content starts with a click. If people don't click on the titles, your posts remain buried in the SERP. Don't forget, it's the titles we all see first.

Google may rank you because of content value in the short-run, but if people don't click to read it over and over, the search engine will have to rank the ones people are clicking above you. Google doesn't force content on us. Instead, we force content on Google.

Therefore, you must learn to win more clicks before people can see your invaluable content.

Follow the tips below to continually be updating your titles until your position is number one or stable on page 1.

1. Include Most Recent Keywords in the Titles

We all know our titles should originally contain the keywords people are typing into Google search box. Yet, we fail to understand that these keywords can change with time. People may change the ways they twist things within months. I discussed this comprehensively in my post, "Best 2 Keywords Tools of All Time - No Further Searching".

Tailor your titles to how they have changed their words.

For example, after writing this post, "JAMB change of Institution/Course Closing Date", it ranked number 9 in the search results for the keywords. Then, I realized people used the word, "deadline" more than often.

With this, I changed the title to "Closing Date/Deadline For JAMB Change of Institutions/Courses"

Within days, I got up to number 3 for the same search terms.

People who use or understand only the word "closing date" will be quick to click the post. Those who prefer "deadline" will equally be caught.

This is how the inclusion of a single word can help you rank faster.

2. Rearrange the Order of Words

We understand things differently. Some searchers are so static that they prefer to see things they want rather than the way you put it. This is why you should continually be rearranging the keywords in your titles to attract more clicks and faster ranking.

For example, check the two titles below:
  1. Is it possible to Upload O'level results After post UTME?
  2. Can I Upload O'level results After Post UTME?

You should agree with me that, the two mean the same. Yet, when I changed the number one title to number two, I saw a quick jump from position 5 to 2.

That shows you how much people can be so static with their keywords and results they click.

3. Add Keywords Your Competitors Forget to Include

Competition is getting tense among content writers. Yet, there's always a space to fill if you look beyond your nose.

Check the titles of your competition. See if there are keywords they are missing, not within the content (it's rear to find) but in the titles. In an attempt to shorten titles, most bloggers will forget or omit keywords that will rank them higher if they can just bring that in.

For example, let's compare the two titles below.
  1. How to Upload O'level Results to JAMB Portal
  2. How to O'level (SSCE), ND, and NCE Results to JAMB Portal

Number 1 was my title when the post ranked number 7. After changing to number 2, I ranked number 2 for almost all the keywords anybody may enter.

I had remained in the number 7 position for a few weeks before I realized my competition are not taking ND and NCE applicants into consideration in their titles, even though they include them in their content. If I should include that, this set of applicants' clicks will be mine too.

4. Make Priority Keywords First in the Titles

Titles will do well if you write the priority keywords first. By this I mean, what most people will enter first while searching or want to see first. This can also be called "intent keyword".

For example, see the two titles below.
  1. How to Check if They Upload Your O'level Results
  2. Check If Your O'level Result Has Been Truly Uploaded to JAMB Portal

Number 1 was my first title which gave me position 8 for about two months. Having realized title editing can help me a bit up, I changed to number 2.

I changed to number 2 because more searchers will click "to check" instead of reading "how to check".

With this, I should still be number 3 till now or somewhere close.


I can't convince you better that, a few touches in your titles can help you rank higher without click-baiting. Your quality content is not enough for the ranking and it doesn't matter if you've read that all your life.

Titles are like your billboard. If it's obvious and inviting, customers may check in to see what you sell within.

Do you think these twists and tricks can be helpful? Do you think it may not matter with better content? Have you experienced a few jumps in ranking using any of these tips? Share your experience. Leave a comment below.

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