How to Get Banned Adsense Account Back Without Rejection

After my friend had lost his Adsense account, we both worked on getting it back, but it failed. The appeal was rejected and Joseph was shown the way home.

My friend was hit with a ban on his Adsense account due to invalid traffic/clicks but Google could not be specific on the very form the invalid traffic took. They never told anyone. Instead, they give you a series of reasons why you may wave goodbye to your pot of soup.

Look at the Adsense ban notice below.



With our advertising programs we strive to create an online ecosystem that benefits publishers, advertisers, and users. For this reason we sometimes have to take action against accounts that show behavior towards users or advertisers that may negatively impact how the ecosystem is perceived. In your case, we have detected invalid activity on your AdSense account and as a result it has been disabled.


We are limited in the amount of information we can provide about your specific violation. We understand that you may want more information about your account activity. However, in order to protect our proprietary detection systems, we are unable to provide further details.


In some cases publishers can make significant changes to correct the violation and are willing to comply with the AdSense program policies. For this reason, we offer an appeal process as an opportunity to work with you to resolve the issue. Please be sure to provide a complete analysis of your traffic or other reasons that may have generated invalid activity in your appeal. Submit your appeal using this form and we will follow up accordingly. Before submission, please review the list of the top reasons for account closure.
Thanks for your understanding.
The Google AdSense Team

I paired with my friend to revive things to no avail. We appealed, as instructed by Google itself, yet those guys turned us down.

ReadThe The Untold Reasons Google Bans/Disables Adsense Account

As a matter of fact, we read several reports on Google Adsense appeals before we filed ours. 95% of people with this bad experience narrated how their appeals were thrown out of windows.

All through our extensive search, only one blogger shared the joyful news of his being reinstated after it has already been banned and appeal submitted.

This kind of grace is rare.

If you search through the net too, you will find exactly the same content. People only repeat the same ban notification messages sent to them or others. Then, they will tell you the only way to get your account back is to appeal. But when you do, no good news will come eventually.

Anyway, the appeal is still worth it. Submit the appeal and you may be lucky in their next mail.

In this post, I'll take you through what to do, at least, a well-structured and likely-to-be-considered appeal letter. And if it's ever rejected, how you can get another Adsense account opened without be turned down.

How to Write The Right Appeal for Adsense Ban

Even though a few have followed this path to get their accounts back without success, I didn't doubt that there were things they're not doing right. Google would not have allowed the appeal in the first place if they didn't have any intention of giving you back your license.

If you do this well and open up (as the guy whose account was restored), you may be lucky in the end.

Step 1: Do Your Homework Well to Find "Why?"

The first thing after receiving the ban notice is to check for any possible reasons your account experienced invalid traffic. These people don't want to be lied to. So don't! Be sure you find the true mistake you've made.

Then, look through the appeal form. See the questions and prepare solid answers to them. While being careful with your choice of words, be sure you let them know the possible reasons, you think, could have led to this invalid traffic.

Don't just fill the form in haste. It's not going to help. You only have a one-time appeal. If you don't it right this time, there won't be a second chance.

Check each question, type your answer on word processing programs such as MS Word. Verify your words. If possible seek a professional look at what you're about to submit. Bring in a friend or family to ruminate on things before submitting your appeal.

An appeal is never done well in a hurry!

Step 2: Convince Them What You Will Do To Stop The Invalid Traffic

Google has caught you quite well. Now, you're planning to get out of the mess. What will you do differently henceforth, if you should be given the second chance?

The only person that shared the good news of the account being restored said, he made it, telling Google, in his appeal, that he would immediately delete all his external links on Facebook groups. He would not use cheap sponsored channels again to promote his content. He would only place two ads per page or go for auto ads?

These might be their reasons for letting him go and continue earning with this account. However, Google would keep close eyes on this man to know if he's truly doing what he promised.

I'm very sure the guy in question has hit Google rightly on why his blog was experiencing invalid traffic. He was exact in his appeal. Google might have not look at his appeal twice if he was perambulating, lying or trying to hide things. This is why you have to open up in your words, admit your blunders and state step-by-step, if possible, how you will do things rightly from now on and correct or undo what you've done in the past.

You can be specific on channels of traffic that you have immediately discontinued, pages you've deleted, and so on.

In the end, this effort may be worth it. Give it your best shot!

How to Get Adsense Back After Account Ban

I don't doubt it that, you may not be lucky at your appeal. Several people had done that to no success. But can you ever reopen Adsense if banned?

The sorry story is that, once your Adsense account is banned, forget coming back to work with Google when it comes to Adsense. Your name has been marked, your account number marked, your IP marked, your email marked, your computer marked. In short, all your identity is marked.

I have to warn you. Making an attempt to come back to Adsense in your name is a wasted effort before even trying.

But there must be a way around this?

The good news is there're two ways around it - one legal, the other semi-legal.

Let me explain.

#1. Reopen Adsense Account Under a Company Identity

I've seen and read testimonies of bloggers whose accounts were disabled but came back legal way. How?

They registered their businesses with the Corporate Affairs Commission or countries' company registrars/bodies. With this, they've become corporate entities instead of individual entities.

If they must apply for Adsense again, they can use the corporate names instead of personal/individual owners' names. And that's what they did.

But before that, take note of the following and take it seriously.

1. Register Another Email

Mind you, don't use the usual computer for your old (banned) account to open this new email. Google can track your IP with that even if you've formatted the disk before starting over.

I advise you to buy another computer to start with or use another person's device laptop, tablet, or smartphone.

Formatting the old laptop being used for blogging can still be tracked by a big company like Google. Get a new one. 

2. Don't Use the Old Blog

I've seen someone who claimed he used the old blog to reapply for Adsense after registering as a corporate entity. His application was approved and was back on Adsense. But I don't recommend this.

Instead, abandon your old project and start all over. In most cases, when Google bans Adsense, the effect also escalates into traffic drop of that old blog because Google may shrink you deep into the search results that people may not find your posts again. Why not just copy out all your works on the old blog (if they don't violate policies)? Then, rewrite, edit, prune and repost them for your new project.

3. Delete the Old Project Before Applying

Before you reapply for Adsense, it's advisable you delete the old blog. This will be better if you copy some of the posts from it. Google can track back your identity to that blog and disapprove your new application or ban you later.

Note that applying for Adsense after being banned under a corporate name is more recommended and it's legal.

#2. Reopen Adsense Account with a Relative's Details

While taking all the warnings above into consideration, you can reapply for Adsense after being banned from the program. Just use your friend's, mother's, sister's, wife's, or husband's personal details while reapplying for Adsense.

This has worked for many!

I can't establish the legality of registering in other person's names. But it works and Google hasn't got crazy with this. However, they're facts to take home:
  1. Don't use a relative's information if such a person will love to apply for Adsense in the future too. If the person makes an attempt to join the network, he can't use his own account to secure another Adsense account because it's already being used on the network.
  2. You'll also use the person's address and bank account details while applying for payment and verification of the account. Hence, your future payments will be sent to his account before the account owner sends it to you. Therefore, I recommend the closest person such as wife or mother for such deals.
  3. If Google ever finds out that the account belongs to the old banned member, they may still fire you, and that subsequently will affect your friend's plan (if any) to apply for Adsense in the future. 
  4. Before this, cover your old tracks following my recommendations above and resist doing something suspicious or taking part in activities that may still lead to invalid traffic. This may force Google into looking deep into who is truly behind the account.


Have you been banned before and got back with an appeal? Do you think these shared approaches have worked for you after being turned down with an appeal? Do you have other suggestions that work in order to get a banned account back or reopen another one? Share your experiences. Leave a comment below.