Real Reasons Google Bans/Disables Adsense Account

Google Adsense Account Ban

Let's talk about Adsense Ban. Why will Google ban you from the Adsense program? What are the real reasons behind Adsense accounts being disabled, suspended, or banned by Google?

Well, if any of the above is your question, there are two possibilities. You might have been stung already. Or you want to stay off the bee. If you've been hit by Adsense ban, sorry brother - there is really little you can do to get it back. Except your appeal is extremely convincing, I can't help unless you follow the guide in my post. "How to Get Banned Adsense Account Back or Restart without Rejection".

But if you're just being on the search for what you must avoid being left off the hurtest penalty, you're on the right page. This post is dedicated to one of the most underrated reasons publishers are being suspended temporarily or permanently from the network.

For those who want to avoid being flogged, let's ride on. Those who were already flogged can also read this to know why they were punished in the first place.

What I Did First Before Applying For Google Adsense

I know you should be skeptical about my knowledge. How do I know what led to Adsence account ban? Have I personally be banned before? If yes, how did I get back on track?

These and more should come to mind if someone will be in the right position to guide me on why my account may be disabled.

I started my blog because I wanted to make money from Adsense and related online legal money-making channels. As for AdSense, I can't afford to lose my account. To achieve this, I must learn upfront on what can lead to this misfortune.

I did some findings online and got a great deal of helpful information. People who lost theirs shared their experiences. Some got things back on appeal. Some never!

Then, I met with a friend who lost his. I visited him and we looked into things together. I really wanted to know why he would lose such a network millions are dying to get into. See How to Protect Your Adsense Account From Ban.

The summary of my findings!

Many people are aware that Google bans for invalid activities and traffic, but they're never certain of a particular mess that leads to being shown the way home. They can guess across the board. They know why Google frowns at bloggers but never know theirs. That's why they will still argue they didn't do anything to deserve being sacked.

Adsense Account May Temporarily Be Suspended or Disabled

I got a friend whose Adsense was banned. 

Before my friend's account was finally banned, he was sent a warning message through email about the violation of Google Adsense policies. But he was too busy posting content and promoting his posts that he missed reading the message from his employer.

It was after the final ban that we read the old email warning him of certain suspicious activities that might lead to a total suspension of his account.

According to Google,
Google treats policy violations and invalid traffic very seriously in order to protect the users, publishers, and advertisers who make up our advertising ecosystem. While we usually notify publishers and take action for policy and invalid traffic at the site level, there may be times when we will need to suspend or disable accounts due to policy violations or invalid traffic.

An account suspension gives you time to make the relevant changes to your site. Suspensions can last for different lengths of time. The duration of your suspension will be specified in your email notification. If you have been suspended, you’ll still be able to sign in to your AdSense account. However, no ads will be shown for the duration of your suspension. You’ll also see that a payment hold has been automatically added to your account.

As a matter of fact, Adsense account holders should always check their emails for warnings and updates from big G. This may save you from losing a decade of hard work.

Account Eventually Banned. Why?

Google may, of course, ban you for any of the under-listed reasons/violation of policy.
  1. Clicking the ads on your own site, YouTube channel or app
  2. One or more users repeatedly clicking the ads on your site, YouTube channel, or app
  3. Generating or receiving automated or bot traffic
  4. Using an incentivized traffic source
  5. Manipulating how ads are served
  6. Encouraging users to support your site, YouTube channel, or app through ad interaction
  7. Ad placement deceptive for users or generating accidental clicks
  8. Ads embedded in applications

You may also be whipped if, any time, on the journey to the creation of your content, you bring in any of:
  1. Pornographic, adult, or mature content
  2. User-generated content
  3. Violating webmaster guidelines
  4. Deceptive ad placement
  5. Copyright infringement
  6. Illegal content

More details on this can be accessed on the official Google page

In short, the reasons for being suspended or banned seems unending.

Why Was My Friend Account Disabled Permanently?

We can all agree that invalid traffic and consistent violation of policies are the main causes of Adsense Account loss. Yet, what led to my friend's account being disabled was not among the listed points above.

I wonder why he was so confident that, he never got involved in activities that could lead to his account being taken away. Like many other people out there, he had not clicked on his own ads, he had carefully monitored his traffic since he started seeing a few cents per day. But, what of before then?

Here was his story.

While starting out in blogging, my friend was hungry for traffic. He had to share his posts across many online forums, groups, etc. I'd better used "bombardment" as the right word for his free campaigns to gain more page visits.

Unfortunately, things didn't start to be working until he started getting natural and organic traffic from online search engines.

Then, with the organic traffic plus shared free links on those groups, his blog visits skyrocketed to his own surprise. Things had worked for him for a few months before Google fired him. He lost close to a 1000 dollars to Big G.

You don't need to bombard forums and Facebook groups with links while starting out, just follow my guide in, "How to Increase Blog Pages Views With a Few Visits"

Why Did Google See His Traffic as Invalid?

Google wants more organic than sponsored or tailored traffic if you must use Adsense on your blog.

Nothing is wrong with cheap and invalid traffic if you don't want to use Google Adsense on your blog. This was one of these reasons in the post, "8 Reasons To and Not To Use Adsense on Your Blog". What matters to you here, is for people to come - whether by dragging or voluntarily. But with Adsense active on your pages, don't force people to your pages for what they're not naturally looking for. If you do, you won't last in here.

After an audit of my friend's sources of traffic, I noticed he had more of his visitors from Facebook, Whatsapp, Integragrms and some other forums than through Google, Bing and other search engines.

How Should a Quality Traffic Look?

Take a look at the picture below.

Does that look familiar to blogger platform users?

That's my own look right now. I earn more traffic from Google than Twitter, Facebook, forums, Quora - all put together.

What does that tell you? 

People voluntarily come to my pages than being lured through links sharing on cheap platforms out there.

If you want to know how I got here, see my guide, "8 Best Techniques to Write Unique and Evergreen Posts".

If you've been banned and need to appeal, there's a sensitive question in the Google Invalid Traffic Appeal form.

Have you ever purchased traffic to your site(s), mobile app(s), and/or YouTube channel(s)? 

This is a question Google asks to know why you're getting so many people from other channels than organic/search engine traffic.

Below is another one to know how or if you're luring people into your blog - whether you spend money on promotion or you just bombard pages with links.

How do users get to your site, mobile app, and/or YouTube channel? How do you promote your content? 


With my observation, the very reason Google bans people is when organic traffic is less than your artificial or sponsored traffic. This doesn't write out the listed reasons by Google itself. But ever asked after taking all listed reasons into consideration, won't your past come back to hurt you?

The very reason Google bans people is when organic traffic is less than your artificial or sponsored traffic.

Do you think you have done mass campaigns with links sharing on Facebook pages and forums in the past, yet your Adsense account alive till today? Do you know anyone banned because of a related story? Do you think it doesn't matter how you promote your content with Adsense? Share your experience. Leave a comment below.