How to Get Backlinks FREE in 2022: Positive Experience

Get the right backlinks FREE

Getting backlinks to your posts and blogs is like seeking money. It's needed to enjoy life, yet not so easy to come by. And if you try the cunning ways, nemesis will soon catch up with you.

You'd just started out as a blogger or you're old in the system but you've learned, with time, you won't see much results unless you have quality backlinks to your posts.

You might have also heard or experienced it that the tricky ways to get links back to your posts will kill your ranking eventually. This is true! I couldn't explain this any better in my post, "Link Building: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Backlinks".

Of course, what we all want to achieve with backlinks is "higher ranking". It will be catastrophic if things turn around to be otherwise. There're goodies waiting if you do it right, and sanctions if you do it wrong.

Having known this, some SEO experts had recommended guest posting, Youtube links, commenting to related posts, careful posting on related forums, etc as good approaches to get qualitative links Others have warned that excessive linking, poor forums use, link exchange, and similar tricks to get backlinks can make your blog see the wrath of the search engines - especially Google.

Then, the question is how do you get backlinks without being sanctioned? How do you get backlinks without seeing the good results in the short-run but end up disappearing from the internet a few months later?

The simple answer is "FREE BACKLINKS".

Are FREE Backlinks Possible?

As soon as you see post titles such as "10 tactics to get backlinks", "12 Tested Techniques to Get Backlinks" etc, what you should know is that, they're not all FREE.

While a few of those methods will burn you out in efforts, others will require you to make some payments. The worst are those tricks that may lead you to cheat the system and eventually hurt your ranking.

My main recommendation is to get free backlinks. Though, it doesn't come without effort. Yet, not the usual ones people tell you. I will share my personal experience and let you know how I got more than 200 backlinks without sharing my links with any external blogs.

My two-year-old blog got 245 backlinks FREE

I was truly surprised that a blog less than two years will earn such a number of backlinks. More than 50% are from authority websites, of course.

How My Blog Acquired FREE Backlinks Naturally

Following these approaches, I can assure you the same or better success. Backlinks come naturally after I put the following into use.

1. Write Quality Content That Attracts Writers

This may sound obvious. But, how often do you write to the taste of others who are seeking to write on similar topics?

A professional writer will like to look into what other writers had covered before him. Where he thinks, he can't beat the former writers, he will be forced to give a reference. Those references back to your work are the backlinks.

Take note of, "where he thinks he can't beat". This is the quality of content you must commit to if you truly want free backlinks. Other and newer writers will be forced to use your works in support of theirs if they're enough resources. Then, you get thumb-ups in backlinks.

2. Trace Your Content Thieves and Get Backlinks

Some writers are too lazy to write their content without theft. They copy your work or part of your work. And for them to give back to you in links, they keep mute as if they're the true owners of those works.

How do you get back what is yours?

Well, I'd used Copyscape to track those who had stolen my works in the past. I could report these people to Google and get them sanctioned. Yet, I tried to be careful in using fire to fight fire. Instead, I got back to the writers and asked for backlinks to my original works.

Then, I let them realize (especially if they've copied almost all the works) that they need to rewrite things to make their works look, at least different".

I narrated the story of a copycat in a recent post. You can check that and see the effects of just a backlink from him.

This is a free way to get backlinks as well. They must give back to you, of course. If otherwise, report to Google and let them bear the consequences.

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3. Write Evergreen Posts With Backlinks Intent

One reason you should focus most on evergreen content is to get Free backlinks. They usually attract more of that.

Where a post will remain relevant for several years (and where needed, with just a few tweaks), other writers will love referring to that and earn you links. Check my comprehensive guide on writing evergreen posts.

A few of my posts; such as this one, have done quite well after I saw a writer from another country making a bold reference to it. And with a single backlink, my blog experienced a juice in the ranking.


You may be aware that there are paid mediums to get backlinks. There are, of course, the cheap ways too. However, the best way to get links, which has stood the test of time, are free mediums. Your careful planning and early hard work will pay back in links.

All you need to do is sit back and reap the fruits of your labor without looking around for blogs in your industry to comment on, forums posts to contribute to or worst still -  some cunning paid backlinks generating tactics.

While committing free to mind, do you have other means to get backlinks? Has link efforts helped or hurt you before? Share your experience. leave a comment below.

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