8 Reasons To and Not To Use Adsense on Your Blog

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The obvious reason anyone will use Google AdSense or similar ad networks on his blog is to make some money. And in fact, some have somehow achieved a full-time income from Google Adwords codes placed on their websites, blogs, and apps.

Yet, some content writers are still confused about the fact that Google AdSense may not be the right choice for everybody.

Must publisher has AdSense embedded on his blog? Is Adsense the only medium to earn? Is there any need, at all, to earn blogging? Are there blogs that will never do well with AdSense?

Where do you belong?

If you’re still in doubt of this means of earning monthly checks, you may be right or wrong. Reading this post to the last word will open your eyes to where you may want to give Adsense some considerations and where you may have to run for the efforts.

4 Reasons to Consider Adsense Or Other Ad Networks

For a quick introduction, AdSense and similar ad networks accept your application. If approved, they give you certain codes to blend with your posts. When readers consume your content, those codes transform into advertisements.

If clicked, you earn a few bucks per view/action.

Originally, many bloggers start out with this means of earning passive income in mind. This doesn’t imply they’re not truly interested in serving prospective readers. In fact, the more you can serve your audience, the better you earn with Adsense.

Nothing is rationally wrong with making money with your passion and interest, of course.

Now, check the following to know if you will be fine running Google Adsense on your blog.

1. Use Adsense If You Want Short-Term Earnings

Even though very many bloggers have been raking hundreds, if not thousands of dollars through AdSense for decades, yet it will be better to see Adsense as a short-time means of making money.

One reason is, you don’t practically decide how much you earn through the network. You don’t decide when the money will be paid or when it will start coming in, in the first place.

Very many will not earn their first $100 until the end of year one or after. I experienced the same with others out there.

But you will enjoy the feeling of seeing your account growing from $.10 to like $5 on a daily basis.

If you love the simple illusion of adding up clicks/dollars, Adsense may be the right take for you.

Only if you’re lucky will Adsense take you into the future. It’s nothing to expect to be running and working forever. A few users had been banned for unknown reasons.

Some factors, including the Google algorithm, had demoted some blog ranking. Hence, they have kissed their regular clicks and pays goodbye.

2. Use Adsense If You Run Niche Blogs

Some bloggers are currently running a dozen blogs. They have blogs on literally any niche. These people will find it fun and profitable to monetize their blogs with Adsense.

Niche blogs can just be websites contain about 30 great articles on fashions, money, and finance, education, tech, etc.

With the posts on each, they expect a few bucks from ad clicks on a daily basis.

This is different from an authority website. I will cover this shortly.

3. Use Adsense If You Won’t Combine With Others

Adsense is very jealousy.

You might have heard that Google doesn’t totally friend with other ad networks if combined on the same blog.

That’s true!

In fact, those who use other networks with Adsense, carefully blend things in order not to step on the Big G’s toes. However, they’re only safe as long as Google hasn’t frowned at their decisions.

You may consider Adsense on your blog if that’s your only chosen ad network to make money. If you must combine other networks, you should find out about other networks that are working well with Adsense first.

4. Use Adsense If Your Past is Clean, and the Future Won't Be Aggressive

The hurtest experience in blogging is not when your traffic drops. That one can grow again after doing things right.

But if your Adsense account is banned, little or nothing will work.

I’ve read lots of complaints about AdSense accounts being disabled not a few testimonies of it been lifted.

If your past was bad like I detailed here, run from Adsense. The account will eventually be lost.

Most bloggers had done hideous things like generating artificial traffic, tricky means of bringing readers to their blogs in the past, etc. This usually comes back to hurt them in Adsense.

Adsense has zero-tolerance for invalid and unnatural traffic and clicks. 

If your past is clean of such a mess, ensure your future is the same. And if your past is hideous, can you undo what you’d done before applying?

Similarly, if you think you can just be bringing traffic to your pages aggressively with advertisements, spammed links, never go the Adsense way. It only rewards those who depend so much on natural and organic traffic forever. See How to Increase Organic Traffic For free With These 4 Techniques.

4 Reasons Not to Use Adsense on Your Blog

Of course, I will warn you on why Adsense may not be the best take for you if you’re just starting out or you’re an already established writer.

1. Don’t Use Adsense If You Aim for Authority Blog

Authority blogs specialize in addressing one area. For example, some focus on education, some finance, some law, etc. This is the opposite of mini or niche blogs.

Nothing is officially wrong with using ad networks on your blog if you aim for an authority blog. Yet, if you can be real, there are better means to make money than from Adsense or any similar ad networks.

If you can establish yourself as a leader (or one of) in the industry, advertisers will look for and find you in time.

People make more money from direct advertisements than Adsense. A single ad on your homepage for just a week can earn you $100 dollar. This, you may not achieve with Adsense in a whole 12 months.

I’d earned just $5 with 25000 page views in Adsense. If I win a direct advert, I should be able to charge $50 or more with the same traffic.

Most Adsense users will agree that Google decides their fate. We can’t ask for a pay raise. Sometimes, you can’t even explain why a click is higher than the other. Just accept what they pay you.

However, you can start with Adsense. And when you get to the top, consider better options.

2. Don’t Use Adsense If You Can Affiliate

Affiliate marketing is better by far.

Affiliate marketing takes almost the same path as Adsense, except that, with the former you’re paid a commission for every sale.

It can be pleasing to know that Adsense pays you whether the visitor buys or not. But you're paid peanuts at the end of the month.

Imagine writing a review of a laptop that cost $600 dollars. Then, your affiliate company such as Amazon, Jumia, etc pays 2%. If a reader follows your link or banner to buy, you earn $12. How much will that be if 21 of your readers eventually follow your link to buy?

You can sell items higher in price than that, of course. And imagine selling 10 of them in a day. That’s the power of affiliate.

To your advantage, you can’t possibly be banned from your affiliate network. It’s very rear!

And luckily, it’s possible to combine Adsense and affiliate without stepping on any of Google’s conditions – if you don’t spam your posts with excessive affiliate links.

It’s safer than combining AdSense with other ad networks.

3. Don’t Use Adsense If You Sell Your Own Product

I had once convinced you that the best way to make money blogging full-time or part-time is to sell your own products or services.

Multimillion dollars online ventures had been made out of sales of courses, training, podcasts, shows, research subscription, etc.

If you own any of these or you use the blog to capture new clients for your offline business, you may need to turn your back to Adsense or any ad network.


Since Adsense will serve adverts related to what you discuss on your blog, you will be losing prospects to those companies promoting their businesses on your blog. You're selling for the competition!

Nobody wants to do that for peanut.

In fact, it’s advisable to discontinue AdSense if you want to start selling your own product or services through your content.

4. Don't Use Adsense if You're an Aggressive Marketer

A quick reference was made to this earlier. Most writers can't afford to wait for organic traffic. They want a million visitors in a month. However, SEO and traffic generation is time-consuming unless you plan to dominate the internet without ranking or search engines. Hence, they resolve to paid adverts such as Google AdWords, Facebook campaigns, mass article submission, forums comment spammy, etc.

If you're impatient to wait for search engines to send you readers, ignore Adsense. Google won't punish you if you go for any means to drive people to your pages. But if that hurts their advertisers, they will send you home and your blog may be buried in the deep ocean forever.


Of course, to what you have pros, you have the cons. Adsense can be cool and it can be risky for some blogs and people.

In the end, it all boils down to what you’re ready to give up.

In my own case, I’m yet to produce any product or service that I’m ready to sell to the world. Hence, Adsense is still ok for me. And with my affiliate, losing Adsense, for whatever reason, may not be that threatening.

Do you think Adsense is ok for you or you will rather do away with it? I will love to hear your views comment section below.

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