Increase Organic Traffic FREE With These 5 Techniques

Get traffic organically with these tips

Let’s talk about getting organic traffic to your website or blog. And in fact, getting it FREE!

When readers ask questions that surround how to increase organic traffic, free traffic generator tools, organic traffic generation, etc, I see some misconceptions.

Some don’t get things out of novelty, some out of confusion, and some out of information overwhelming. That’s why in this post, I’ll love to go basic to make things look plainer.

What is Organic Traffic?

After your website/bog goes live and you drop some posts, there are two ways to bring people to those pages.

One way is to ask your friends and families and those who you talk to about it to visit and see your pages.

All visits solicited from these people are called sponsored traffic.

Going by the title of this post, that is not what you’re seeking.

Now, let’s talk about organic traffic.

Organic traffic is the direct opposite of a sponsored one. Here, you make your website/blog live. Then, you wait for people to come without invitation or sponsoring any adverts or inviting anybody through email, SMS, a radio campaign, television adverts, etc.

Organic traffic is when people come to your website through a search engine without a direct marketing cost attributed to their visits. This unsolicited, but awesome, organic traffic is there because you have created a valuable online space, worthy of visiting.

In summary, organic traffic is achieved from the visits of readers, who by using any available search engines, find themselves on your pages.

So, How Do You Generate Organic Traffic?

Simply put, through search engines and nothing more.

One of the misconceptions, especially among the newcomers, is that it’s not possible to create a blog, post some articles, sit back, and expect people to come.

I’m sorry to disappoint you if you already have that notion. It’s possible to create a blog, drop a few articles, and wait a few days or months for search engines to bring readers to you. That’s the beauty of the internet. If not, only those who can afford expensive campaigns will have visitors. However, there is more to that approach.

Luckily for you, if what you want is organic traffic only or you want that more than sponsored or solicited traffic. It is only this form of traffic that lasts forever.

If you go for sponsored traffic, you will experience massive visits for the time of your campaigns and maybe a few days after. Once you’re out of the deposit, you go back to zero or unimpressive visits.

Once you achieve the desired organic visits, you’re more likely to get more of this as time goes on. And unless penalized by search engines, you can get that for life.

5 Things You Must do to Get Organic or Search Engine Traffic

I won't share the regular things you read out there. I'm not saying their recommendations are not working. But I know what works for me instead. I believe in what I've personally experienced more than mare fictions people are fond of sharing. Easier said than done! 

Let's get into it.

1. Make SEO a Priority

Search engine optimization can be a confusing term for beginners.

Let’s break it down.

Search engines such as Google, Yahoo, Bing, etc are no humans. They have spiders (programs or bots) that crawl around the internet daily if not every second.

This is the only way they can find out that new blogs/sites and posts exist in the first place. But before they can find out, the spiders must be able to crawl through your website, read the content around it, and understand what you're putting out to the world.

If you want to win more organic traffic you have to open your pages and all parts of your blog up for these spiders to enjoy their work. If frustrated, you've lost the crawling.

As a result, search engines won’t be able to show your content to prospective visitors no matter how good your posts are.

So, how do you win SEO?

Seriously, it's a long thing to address here. But I can summarize it. And if you subscribe to this blog, you will be sent, straight to your email, my dedicated post on winning SEO.

Here is the summary I promise.
  1. Use a mobile responsive theme for your blog/website
  2. Let your blog title include what you’re writing about
  3. Let your blog/posts description contain your main keywords
  4. Make sure your posts' headings contain keywords you’re writing about

However, it still possible to dominate the internet without SEO but it can be a bit expensive to achieve. It's, of course, why a few people may argue that SEO may not be necessary for your website success if you plan things the right way.

2. Content! Content!! Content!!!

How do you interpret “Content is king”?

This is the true fact behind those writers enjoying massive organic traffic. They keep pouring content that is not just words but gives value. Neil Patel, a content marketing guru, has, in fact, recommended at least a post per week when you get to the top. He, though, narrated how he posted once a day before his current status.

This is what SEO experts call “quality and consistent content writing”.

Once your posts discuss what searchers are looking for, search engines will show it right before their users.

The challenge we all face is that there seems to be nothing left people have not written about before. Authority blogs have got all the things covered! So, how do we get our heads up?

The answer is still the same, “Content”.

When I joined the blogging world, I felt the same. I was overwhelmed by what people had covered in the past. There was nothing left?

Here is the reality! There will always be somewhere to come in and still remain unique. Your ability to spot the loopholes is your best bet.

I recommend reading the posts below to get yourself on the path to winning organic traffic for your own posts, even where it seems the whole ground had been covered.
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  5. Best 2 Keywords Tools of All Time - No Further Searching

As for the content, there is always a way to make things better, clearer, longer, and faster.

3. Go For E-A-T

EAT is the acronym for Expertise, Authority, and Trustworthy.

Though a majority of SEO experts agree that Google applies this only to YMYL websites. In other words, it's believed that, Google will rank Your Money Your Life websites based on their expertise, authority, and trustworthiness.

Should EAT only apply to websites talking about money, finance, mortgage, health, medicines, and related niches? 

The answer is simply NO. The full answer in, "Does E-A-T Matters to Non-YLYM Websites?"

Even if Google doesn’t tell us that EAT applies to all other blog types or articles from other niches, we shouldn’t think otherwise.

Why do you think you'll just fill your pages with details that don’t pass expertise, authority, and trustworthiness? Why do you think Google should rank you for that? Why do you think you should receive organic traffic for junks?

Unless you have this in mind and do everything for E-A-T, don’t expect any serious organic traffic for your blog.

Listen up. You’re not the only one writing in your field or niche, some people had earlier established their EAT. These people stand a better chance for organic if you’re not competing on the same basis.

End of the story!

4. Allow Comments on Your Blog

If you’re running a blog, I advise you use a comment widget. Let readers contribute or ask for more details. This will be quite normal in the early years of your content writing and marketing adventure.

One of the means through which search engines measure users’ experience and engagement is how long they spend reading our posts.

Google tracks when readers comment. This will be an added advantage if:
  • readers comment with keywords that attract more organic traffic. I share my experience on this here or/and
  • search engines conclude that because they stay till the end of posts, they truly enjoy the content. This is how you can make them read to the end.

Allowing contributions is a good signal not only to the visitors but also to search engines. And except you’ve really attained a position of industry ruler, don’t copy those who disable comment sections.

In fact, those who disallow it do that for probably two reasons. One, no time or human resources to reply to comments and questions. Two, to avoid spam comments.

If you can reply and moderate every comment readers drop, allow them to interact on your pages.

5. Update! Update!! Update!!!

Just as it's important to drop a few quality content within a month, it's as well unavoidable to keep updating your information in those posts.

If you dream of raising to the first page or number 1 in the search results, do more updating than posting. I had shared my experiences in related posts. Here, I share the power of republishing old content to gain ranking. Here, I showed you how small typos and language errors can affect your ranking. Here, I left you an antidote to force Google to re-crawl and rank your dormant posts.

All these posts surround one thing - updating your content with new information, correcting errors, rephrasing, editing, and rewriting. This is why updating old posts is very important.

When you add new valuable details, search engines are aware. This will force them to present the new content before readers to see if the information is desirable or should be thrown away.

In fact, if you experience a drop in your rank or dormancy in your ranking and you want the position back, start with JUST UPDATE.


Getting organic traffic is free but not totally. There is a need for handling things rightly from SEO, content, EAT, and administration. There is equally the need to continually be getting things into shapes to be fit for what readers want.

When you’ve got it right, you'd just won what a budget of a million dollars for adverts may not be capable of achieving.

Do you think there are other ways to generate organic traffic other than those listed? Have you won more organic traffic with any of these? Leave a comment below.

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