Tactics To Increase Website/Affiliate Traffic and Commission?

How to promote affiliate products

Affiliate marketing is getting popular. For some is a side hustle. For others, it’s a full-time business. In fact, many (including myself) had found ways to mix Adsense with affiliate marketing to provide for any drop in our earnings from the former.

Who won’t prefer a business that doesn’t own a physical office and yet earn you hundreds of dollars in sales commission?

Whether you’re just starting out or you’d been running an affiliate business for some years now, your priority is still getting more traffic to your product pages, your blogs and earn more in commissions.

Below is a list of tactics working for people promoting affiliate products. You will love what you'll achieve as a result of adopting the same promotional tricks.

1. Promote Through Quality Content

Affiliate business should be a perfect means to earn passive income. You don’t have to spend your days looking for buyers, of course.

So, how should things look like?

You write a few articles around the products or services you’re promoting. A few days later, prospective buyers search on Google or any other search engines. And BINGO, they found themselves on your pages. They read and use your affiliate links to buy the products. Next few days, your bank alerts you for your commission payment..

If convinced by what you’d said about the item and unaffected by the bad you shared, they click a few buttons to buy the products.

Then, you sit back for the merchant or the online store to drop the commissions into your ever wanting bank account.

What convince your readers to buy through your affiliate links is not your ability to convince them to spend on those products. It’s your ability to use the power of words, videos, images to convey the best of those products.

Don’t forget. Before anybody can search for the product you’re promoting, he is more likely ready to spend a few dollars.

You’re a loser if he eventually buys the product after reading your post but spends the money elsewhere.

Your content should be well-detailed to uncover all know about the product – the good, the bad, and the ugly. This is the number medium to promote your blog or product online.

If a reader suspects all you’re up to is the commission, he may quit your page and the product altogether.

Be true and open with your reviews. Share what you love and what you hate. Share the reasons why you think people should buy or (where possible) why they should never spend a penny on such a product. Then, let them decide.

The starting point for writing convincingly for affiliate products is to have an in-depth knowledge of those products. For example, you can write an article to share your experiences using a phone instead of talking to my readers as a commission-hungry techie.

It will be a big mistake using hearsays to guide your readers. They want to be sure you’ve used the products yourself before sharing a review.

The cheapest, but equally acceptable approach is to judge the products by other users' reviews. You can get a few points to support those products, if you've not used them yourself, right below the product pages. What are the other verified buyers saying? Share it!

2. Promote Through Forums/Groups

It may take a few years before your blog is known for product reviews. One thing is the rankings. Another is the competition in your niche.

Hence, even with great articles, there’s still the need to wait for the lord of the algorithm to take charge.

So what do you do while waiting for organic traffic?

Use available forums to share your knowledge and link back to your affiliate products.

Affiliate marketers take to forums and online boards such as Quora to answer questions related to the product they promote.

After giving authoritative answers and guides, they link back to the product pages if need be. People who ask questions and other members in their shoes may follow that to buy.

3. Promote Through Email Newsletters

The importance of building an email list is beyond a quick explanation. There’s money in a list, they do say. That holds true till an unknown future.

As soon as your blog/website goes live, your priority should be to convince each visitor to subscribe to your future posts.

Each time you release new content, they’re the first to see and read it. If they don’t buy the first time, republishing the post a few more times in a year will keep reminding them of actions yet to be taken.

4. Promote Through Social Media

It seems the easier means to convince more people to follow us is through Twitter and Facebook than by asking them to submit their emails for future posts.

This may be as a result of people spending more time hanging around Instagram and the likes.

If data still don’t lie, Facebook has accounted for ¼ of the world population. Where else should you market your affiliate products?

Create a follow on social media and work towards accumulating more and more fans, families and friends. This is an already made market for your affiliate business if done well.

5. Promote Products Through PPC

Pay-per-click (PPC) is a savor if you have the budget for it. Not all affiliate marketers go in without a few dollars saved to promote their blogs/websites with the products to sell.

A few take to pay-per-click advertisements such as Google Adwords, Facebook ads, Twitter ads, and so on, to get quick awareness. This was our main focus when we run a successful blog without relying on search engines.

The object is to bring people massively to their product pages. Such visitors are convinced to buy the products on the landing pages or subscribe to the email list.

With careful implementation, return on investment for PPC will justify your spendings. In the beginning, if you spend $50 to earn a $100 commission, you’d won.

And if you have made it big in affiliate already, it shouldn't be hard to expend a few dollars from your profit to bring in more buyers.

Organic Traffic is Still the Best for Affiliate Marketing

Going into Affiliate marketing should be less a stress. You want to earn passive income from working hard right at the start. In time, you want to sit back and keep raking in a few dollars daily.

Will you be able to entirely achieve this if you're actively answering forum questions, sharing unending links on Facebook and Twitter, and keep pushing ads?


So, let’s go back to the basis of your diving into affiliate marketing.
  • You want to work upfront – writing quality articles around the products you're promoting.
  • You want to allow Google and other search engines to crawl your pages
  • You want to let them bring traffic to your pages organically.

If you want some results fast, you go for all other forms of increasing traffic to your affiliate products. But if you want continual buys with little or no adverts and efforts, approach organic traffic as if there are no other means.


To maximize your affiliate profit, the best medium for bringing in people is organic traffic. It may be obvious that PPC will take a hit on your profit, yet free links share on Twitter and Facebook comes at their own cost too – TIME and success are not guaranteed. Hence, in the long run, organic traffic matters the most.

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