Why Adsense Page Views is Lower Than Website’s/Blog's

Blog page views vs AdSense page views

A team of my trainees launched a blog a few months ago. They had been approved for AdSense and things are working as planned.

But there’s something missing.

They’re confused by the number of page views shown on their blogging platform (blogger.com) and what Google Adsense was showing as page views.

Let me explain.

Do you notice that if you check your page views on your blogging platform, it may read about 1000, and if you check that of AdSense, it reads around 110?

It is not uncommon. In fact, that’s what every blogger out there experiences at all times.

But why this difference?

This post will open your eyes to how a blog will record views compared to how Google Adsense understands and interprets them.

How Blog Views are Counted

I’ve done extensive work on this in my post, “Increase Blog Page-Views With a Few Visits”.

In that post, I differentiated between visits and views. I emphasized how to increase your page views with a few visits.

As for any bogging platforms, views are recorded and referred to the number of pages per visitor or the total sum of pages all visitors had.

See the picture below.

This was taken from blogger.com platform (one of my blogs).

All the views here entail a number of times visitors open different pages on this blog. It doesn't matter if I have 1000 visits, they’d just given 6000+ views on this day.

In summary, if you have only one visit, that person may read or check through 20 articles on your website. Blog counts by clicks; reading a page is one view. So, for 20 clicks and reads, you have 20 views.

Also, blogs do count the bot visits to your pages while crawling content too. There is no way to differentiate bot visits and human visits. Hence, all are counted and added together.

However ...

How Google Adsense Records Views

Adsense doesn’t see views the same way as your blog platform.

Let’s see the picture below.

That’s the shot of my AdSense.

The blog that gave us 6000+ views in my first illustration, gave about 1,120 views in Adsense.

So where is the discrepancy?

Adsense doesn't count post views (both human's and bot's) on your blog. It, instead, counts the number of posts that you have AdSense code on, which load ads when opened by the visitors.

The important thing to know is that not all the pages that visitors check will load ads even if you have codes on all your pages. See why Why Adsense Ads Not Showing: 11 Instances and Solutions.

The system chooses when to load ads and when not to bother.

Depending on certain factors such as the page quality, click-through rate for the pages, the geographical location of the visitors, etc, Google may decide not to show ads. And when there are no relevant ads, nothing will be shown, of course.

As a result, we don't have the same number of ad views compared to page views.


Do you see the true reason Google AdSense looks like it’s cheating on your page views?

Adsense recons more with the quality of ads served which is not the case with the blog views. A view is a view for a blog. A value is a view to AdSense.

Do you have a better explanation of this difference? Have you experienced a situation where your page views are lower than AdSense views? Share your experience. Leave a comment below.

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