11 Reasons Adsense Ads are Not Showing and Solutions

Have you been approved for Adsense? If yes, you might have experienced occasions when ads will not display even in places where codes are already embedded. You might even be here because, at present, you're in this mess.

This is not uncommon and my best bet is this happens to all of us - who are making money from the world's most popular ad network.

Why are these ads not showing? What can you do about them to make them show? These and other related questions will be attended to in this post. I’m sure you will find solutions to any of the concerns below by the time you’re done reading.

11 Top Reasons Ad Spaces Are Showing Blank

You’re likely going to see blank ads space on your website/blog once in a while. Below are the instances and possible ways-out.

1. Ad Types not Available

We create different ad types (banners, links, skyscrapers, leaderboards, etc) and place them in the strategic parts of our pages/blogs. Sometimes, one of these ad types may not appear when we or others visit the pages.

This is not a problem. It’s just as simple as the ad types are not available at the times of the visits. In other words, advertisers are not bidding to place that specific ad types at the time.

If you just give it time, you’re more likely going to see the ads running again within 24 hours (as soon as advertisers bid for the ad types). If you're in haste, use different ad codes to replace the unavailable types.

2. You’ve Just Been Approved for Adsense

In most cases, immediately your Adsense application is approved, you can insert your codes into your pages and start seeing advertisements. However, the ads will (in most cases) not run within the same hour.

You will have to wait for the codes to blend with your keywords. Adsense is designed to read your words and see the type of adverts suitable for the niche and keywords.

Give it time, usually a day to blend up and give you the best results.

3. You Added Another Website/Blog

Ads may not load on your new website if it has not been approved for the additions.

Let me explain.

You already own a blog on which Adsense is running. And now you intend to add your codes on another website/blog. Instead of applying for a new Adsense account, you’d decided to add the new blog to your existing Adsense property. Then, you copy and paste the codes around the new blog. These codes won’t show ads until Google approves the newly added blog for Adsense too.

So, add the new blog to your list if you’ve not done that before placing codes. Then, you wait until the new domain is approved.

If you’ve already applied, wait for Google to approve the additional website and send you a confirmation and approval message.

If all things are done well and the new blog is approved to be added, your ads will start displaying immediately after the approval.

4. You Blended the Codes Wrongly

Ads may not show if something is missing from the codes copied and pasted.

It's not uncommon to see new bloggers and Adsense users leaving a few letters behind while copying the codes to blend in the posts or around the blog.

In this case, ads will not show. It may just show pure codes on your pages instead of ads.

Below is an example of such a mistake.

A part of the code was mistakenly cut off before pasting

The part of the code “<script” that should begin the code is missing while pasting.

Correct things and give it time to display your ads as expected. I suggest you delete the old codes if you don’t know where things went wrong and replace them with new ones.

5. The Page is Less or Rarely Visited

I’ve noticed that Google will not just display ads in areas, pages or blogs less visited. Showing ads on dormant pages is useless. Google wants value. They want their ads to show where people will likely click. I explained in detail in my post, "Why The Page Views on Adsense is Lower Than Website’s/Blog's".

If you have a post that is not ranked well enough organically to receive traffic and genuine visitors, you may likely see no ads displaying on the pages.

In this case, work on ranking your posts and you will soon see the ads displaying. You can also just republish the posts to the latest date for recrawling and possible ranking. This has worked for me in the past. Try it too.

I’ve also noticed that replacing the old codes with the new ones on such pages can help.

6. You Implemented Auto Ads

The Auto Ad is a medium Google has designed to effectively serve ads on blogs. If you’re using Auto Ads, you have little or no control over how ads show up on your pages.

As a result, Googlebot will crawl your pages and monitor specific areas where visitors are more active and likely to click ads. It’s these areas you will be seeing ads instead.

Using auto ads can be the best if you don’t want to frustrate your readers with unwanted ads intrusion. It’s also the best if you don’t want to step on Google toes for forcing ads on readers which may lead to Adsense ban.

However, you will have to yield to the areas Google is serving ads using data available to them. If you must choose specific areas for ads to show, discontinue auto ads and place codes manually.

7. You Set Ad Balance

As part of Adsense optimization, Google has given us this tool to set a limit to ads on our pages. Hence, if you had set a limit to ad serves on your pages to less than 100% (default), you may not see ads in certain places. Google will serve ads where people are more active and at the time when more people are on your pages.

If you visit a page with codes at the time the traffic is weak, you may not see ads. Ads will show where people are reading not just all around the pages depending on the percentage of ads you’d chosen to show.

If you want Ads to show everywhere possible or where placed, set your ads to 100% fill and maintain that.

8. You Blocked Some Advertisers

One of the reasons I don’t advise blocking certain ads in your blogs is because that may limit the number of ads that show at a time.

Especially when your blog is just taking off, a few advertisers will be bidding to place their products on your blog. If at this time, you block some ads (using blocking control on Adsense), you’re more likely going to see very few ads showing. You’d just opened up to a few people to trade with you.

If you’re in this situation, you can unblock those you had sent off to allow them to bid for spaces again.

9. Adsense Codes Is Put on Unapproved Website

Before now, you could just solicit Adsense code from an approved publisher and place that on your own blog. Approved publishers can share their codes on other blogs not owned by them or not yet approved. Here, they share the earnings on terms.

This is no longer possible.

Before placing your codes on another blog, you must add the new website and submit that for approval (as detailed at No.3 above). It's on the approval, you can start running the ads. If you're trying to beat the game, it won't work. Do things rightly before spreading your codes over another website.

10. You've Not Verified Your Address

As soon as you join Adsense, you're given codes to place and start running ads. Within months, usually before payout, Google will ask you to verify your payment address.

A PIN will be sent to the address provided for your payment (usually through the mail). Then, you're to enter this PIN to a space provided on your Adsense account.

After the PIN has been mailed to you, ads on your blog will keep running and showing until a lapse date given is reached. If at this date you didn't get the PIN or verify it on your account, your ads would stop showing.

In this case, you have to wait until you get the PIN and verify your account. You may need to reapply for the PIN if one gets lost in transit.

11. Adsense Account Suspended/Disabled

This is what every Adsense users wake up to fear. Adsense account suspended or banned!

However, no matter the level of your fear, you'll be suspended if you're doing things wrongly. When that happens, ads will stop showing until you call things to order.

While the suspension is temporary and a kind of warnings to do things right, after you can still have your account restored, a disabled Adsense account kicks you off the program.

According to Google,
If we observe high levels of invalid traffic on your account, we may suspend or disable the account to protect our advertisers and users. Additionally, if we are unable to verify the quality of your traffic, we may limit or disable your ad serving. Due to invalid clicks, you may also see a difference between your estimated and finalized earnings.

You can check your email for any message of suspension to be sure if that is why your ads are on hold. No ads will be shown for the duration of your suspension. Due duration of the suspension will be made clear in the email sent to you.

If the account is disabled or banned entirely, you won't be able to log in to your Adsense account henceforth. Even though you will be sent an email message to inform you of the account ban, ads will not run on your blog again unless you're successful with the appeal.


This is a collection of well-known and confirmed reasons your Adsense ads may stop showing as expected. While many times it's just the usual or the faults on your side, Google may disallow ads on your blog temporarily or permanently.

What did you find out has caused your ads not to show? Is there any other reason you can think of? I will love to read your feedback in the comment section below.

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