4 Most Effective Ways to Promote Websites: Forget the Junks!

Promote your website/blog most effectively

Promoting websites/blogs has never been this important. More and more websites are being created almost every minute of the day. So how do you stand out? Content? Promotion?

The two work perfectly well. You need content, but promotion much more!

By content, I mean creating posts capable of generating traffic organically together with the power of search engine optimization (SEO).

By promotion, I mean all means to bringing your content before potential customers and readers. This, of course, includes organic traffic.

Website Promotion is Only Limited By Budget

What determines the method of promoting your content?


That’s true.

If you can spare a million dollars for Google Ads, Facebook adverts, etc, then promoting your website will be the easiest thing. Decorated adverts may even help you sell products that have little or no value (at least from the start).

However, if you can't break banks to get that service before buyers, finding other cheaper mediums will be the only way out.

Hence, let me show you a few effective ways to promote your website. I will break them into cheaper, budget-friendly, and premium mediums.

I don't promise 100 ways to get content out there for reading, but a few have been effective. Don't forget, what works for product A may not be right for product B. What makes things happen in America may be limited in India.

These 4 approaches work for all types of content and niches. They remain as effective anywhere in the world.

Mediums to Effectively Promote a website

If you’re just starting out, you're more likely going to see the need to spend less on marketing and more on product development. To achieve more with less, consider the following content marketing tactics.

Even those who have been in the industries for decades will need to reconsider these if what they're currently adopting is not working.

1. SEO/Organic Traffic

As earlier mentioned the cheapest means to market your product is through the mastering of search engine optimization and driving traffic naturally.

It’s cheap, if not free.

You should invest time and effort into the hosting of your website. Hosting on the right server is a great investment up-front. A good hosting service will pay off when you start to be receiving heavy traffic.

Registering a country-based domain such as .uk, .us, .com.ng, .za, .cn, etc may help search engines in ranking you for the potential buyers and readers from those countries.

Investing in the design of your website to make it look much more professional and users friendly should be a priority too. Prospective clients may use the look of your website to judge how serious you can be in business.

For content marketing, you will need a blog to feed visitors with quality posts. Here, you must commit to mind that users' intent, content relevance, and keyword research matter a lot.

With adequate investment in web design, hosting, SEO, content writing, and marketing, you will achieve more traffic to your product's landing page and posts without spending any further.

2. Email Newsletters

The power of email marketing has been known for years. It’s still the same till today.

People are being more conscience, lately, while subscribing to newsletters. Yet, they give their emails if they find your content unique and relevant to their needs.

I had shared my experience with email marketing in this post. I was convinced in the long run that the more people subscribe to your content the higher you’re ranked and positioned in the industry.

Since winning subscriptions is free ad gives lasting readership, you will want to build your audience on this.

The effectiveness of this medium of marketing your content pays higher than it ever costs.

3. Pay Per Click (PPC) Campaigns

This is not cheap but can give you the fastest traffic. Not only quicken your sales or readership, but it also gives you a million prospects.

All forms of content promotion that require you to pay some bucks upfront before readers land on your pages are categorized as pay per click. A few well-known are Google Ads, Facebook Ads, Twitter Ads, etc.

This can be the second most effective method to drive traffic, apart from organic searches. But it comes at the expense of the budget. If you don’t have or low on budget, solicited traffic is no place to go.

With cash at hand, these platforms understand where your prospective readers and buyers are. They can easily present what you have to offer, right in front of them. They help you target particular demography; state, country or continent, gender, etc. With this, your return on investment (ROI) is guaranteed to be convincing.

But take note!

Using pay-per-click ads won’t sustain you continually and returning audience unless you have enough bucks set aside to keep pushing it. As a result, marketers usually ensure they can get as many as possible subscribers (this takes you back to email newsletters) while they drive them through ads.

However, if you need an instant result, and can pay for it, this works so much like magic.

4. Contribute Online: Forums and Guest Posts

I had earlier shared the importance of guest posting and forum contributions in this post. What was not mentioned there was how effective that could be if well done.

By well done, I mean, it works so well if you don’t do things in excess. Too much of anything is obviously bad. Be careful while dropping your content around the net. Its curse can be worse.

I recommend contributing to forums like Quora. There, you have your professional profile waiting to be viewed by readers. They’re taken from these pages and your posts to the main content on your website.

After sharing a few posts on Nairaland, I checked for the keywords a few months later to see if the main content is ranking higher than the one I shared on the forum. The result was surprising.

The one on the forum ranked higher. In fact, it ranked on page 1 while the main (more detailed) content stood below page 4. Why?

If you guess right, factors which include the authority of the forum, domain age of the forum, and volume of related high-quality content on the forum – all worked together to rank the post higher.

Contributing to non-spammy and professional forums and other authority blogs can help you drive lots of readers. This has been recognized as very effective while promoting your expertise, experiences, and content. 

To know a quality forum, be sure that such a forum's content is usually ranked. Be sure that the admin works hard to kick out spammers. If you drop posts on the wrong forums, you're doomed if those forums are penalized by the search engines. It all goes back to you! That's what was detailed in, "Link Building: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Backlinks".


I could go on and on if I must present you with a dozen ways to promote your content and drive traffic. However, my focus in this post is to show you a list of tactics that have been more effective in recent years with the same outlook for the future.

The mediums don't have respect for a country, an environment, a niche, or an industry. They work anywhere with limited recourses.

While committing “most effective” to mind, which other ways you had experienced promoting your content? Share your experience in the comment section below.

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