Authority Blog or Micro-Niche Blog: Which is Better?

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In blogging, you can easily be distracted when you hear terms like authority or a niche blog? Of course, authors use the two to clarify the topics of focus and discourse of a blog. Yet, they can easily be mixed up with the single-niche and multi-niche blog which is another topic on its own.

This post will differentiate these terms. Attention will be focused on what an authority blog is and its direct opposite - the niche or micro-niche blog. However, I'll be making quick references to the single and multi-niche which is the main focus of my "Single-Niche vs Multi-Niche Blogging: Which is Better and Profitable?".

What is an Authority Blog?

A blog is called "Authority" when the publisher focuses on a single niche or topic - such that all his posts surround this niche/topic. And with the density of the topics covered, he had successfully created content on any related matters for the niche of choice.

Niche is a topic of concentration on a blog. Those who specialize solely in providing top-notch content in that area of choice with all sorts of posts - long-form, short-form, direct answer, FAQs, are recognized as authority publishers. We call them the big guys!

Therefore, it's safe to say that an authority blog is a single-niche blog that continually provides quality and unique content for the audience.

This will be clear if we understand that it's possible, also, to start a single-niche blog that doesn't continually release content but drop a few and move on to another project. This takes us to the next point.

What's a Niche Blog?

This is also called the Micro-niche blog. A publisher takes a niche and produces a few (usually 30-50) posts for the blog. He can then create as many as possible of such blogs - specializing in different topics.

Instead of stating a multi-niche blog that floods a blog with unrelated topics, a micro-niche blogger creates small-sized blogs of fewer posts to discuss each of the topics without mixing things up.

A niche blog doesn't discuss broad topics such as online money making, SEO and blogging, Scholarships, etc. They focus on, usually sub-topics such as making money from online games. Here, the author writes extensively on all methods of making money with online games, recommended websites, or platforms to use, and so on.

Once you can narrow down your topic to nearly the minimum aspect of a broader topic, you're a microblogger. Compare "Scholarship updates" to "Africa Scholarship updates", "Power Bikes" to "Suzuki Power Bike", "Smail Blog" to "Helix pomatia (a type of snail) or Garden snail blog".

Preference for an Authority or Micro-Niche Blog

I'd earlier condemned multi-niche and recommended single-niche blogging instead. And since both the authority and micro-niche blogs fall under the armpit of the latter, I'll be quick to tell you that both the Authority and Micro-Niche blogs are perfect to start with.

To draw a clear line of difference will depend on your preference in the end. Hence we will need to do some self-examinations to confirm if you'll prefer one over the other. And in the end, I will give my personal guide on which to consider if you feel good about it.

Making a Choice Between Authority and Micro-Niche Blog

Below are the questions to answer to make your choice. You will need to be conscious of what is better for you before answering YES or NO. Don't forget that both are good and well accepted by the populace of the content marketing industry.

1. Is Money More Important to You?

Blogging is a business for people who want money from it. Hence, it should be presented as such. Check if making MORE money is more important to you.

If your answer is YES, go for an authority blog.

As a matter of fact, and from experience, authority blogs make more money than a micro-niche.

Websites such as Search Engine Journal that specialize in SEO, online marketing, and industry updates are an authority in that field. In terms of making money, no micro-niche blog can compete with those guys.

Websites such as Andriod Authority and Andriod Central specialize in mobile phones and Andriod updates. There seems to be no microblog that will compete with them in generating incomes.

They're favored in earnings more because it's easier for them to generate money through Adsense, affiliate marketing, sponsored posts, ad spaces, and personal products/services than someone who creates a blog, drops a few posts, and moves over to another project.

2. Do You Need a Job or Just Money?

If you aim for an authority blog and want to run that all by yourself, you're more likely to create a job for yourself. To compete in that niche, you will have to be up and running for the latest updates. You'll have to follow the latest industry news. You have to continually be posting all forms of content - long-form, short-form, direct answers, and more.

You're indirectly creating a job for yourself with an authority blog except you consider bringing partners into your work or you want to, later, rely on guest posts to keep the blog breathing.

You don't stop working on an authority blog.

However, with a micro-niche blog, you can just create about 30 long-form unique and evergreen posts and leave for a new project. This may be right if you want a part-time job.

In fact, for months or years, you may not return to a microblog for updating of any kind. And if you ever return, you're possibly there to see which posts are doing well and which ones require some touches to boost performance. See 4 Title Touches To Gain More Clicks and Ranking.

3. Are You Limited by Speciality?

Are you limited by topics or do you have a wide variety of unrelated topics to write on?

Authority blog is your best bet if you're limited by specialty. If you're the best at one thing and you have the feeling that you'd better stick to that if you truly want to succeed, I will recommend an authority blog.

On the other hand, if you're carrying lots of topics or specializations you believe you'll do well at, consider micro-niche. With this, you'll be able to put all your knowledge to work and see which does well before making a few final choices. After all, all blogs are not created equal.

4. Do You Prefer Diversifying Income Sources?

One of the reasons people, even those who use freelance writers, start microblogs is because they believe in the power of diversification. And for real, every day won't be great for a specialized blog.

There could be a good time for online money-making, another good time for shoe shopping. If you run several microblogs, you might not be hit by seasonal changes for all of the niches.

An authority blog, though makes the money evenly, no matter the season. Yet, they feel the drop in earnings from time to time.

5. Can You Afford Project Execution?

Microblogs usually require starting a project to achieve greatness with it. For instance, you may buy a product that you intend to write all your posts around. You may start an adventure you will share your experience on.

Don't forget you're not writing too broadly for the topic or else you will end up digressing into an authority blog.

If you're considering a micro-niche blog, you're more likely to come up with unique content if you start personal projects and write around your findings which will be beneficial to the audience for that very project or related ones.

If you can't finance or be fully engaged with the project, while the experimentations and writings are ongoing, you may not do well with a microblog.

Most people prefer authority blogs because there is already-made information they can tap from through research and build on. In the case of a microblog, you'd better get in. In fact, for such a topic, there may just be a few or no writers on it yet.

To this end, if your answer is YES or NO to any of the questions, you know where you belong. Making the choice is not that difficult. It all depends on you.

My Recommended Approach to Blogging - Authority with/and Micro-Niche

Let's be quick to understand one thing. If you consider being an authority in a niche, you're signing a lifetime contract. Even if you want to depend on guest posts or outsource most of your content, that's not going to happen until you've established your authority and popularity.

And when that is achieved, you will still be up for moderation, website maintenance, and other little things.

But with micro-niche blogs, publishers enjoy taking time off after achieving one project before starting the other. This makes this approach more friendly.

But either way, one thing to accept is that all of us grow up to be addicted to blogging. Someone who launches an authority blog will continue to work around it till he can't stop working. Another person who launches a microblog ends up starting one after the other to the extent that, even after a score of such, he will still have a waiting list.

So, if I were you, knowing that addiction is inevitable, I will combine both authority blogs with micro niche blogs.

You may consider one authority blog while you continue building the microblogs with time. My approach in the "Starting/Running Two or More Blogs Together: the Gains and the Pains" may come in handy.

This seems to work for me and I don't doubt it will work for you as well.

On my first blog, I have about 1000 posts. I keep going back for updating, editing, deleting, and posting fresh content. Whereas after running that for two years, I started a few microblogs, which as of now, not making as much as I'm making with the authority blog.

However, they're also growing. As we all know, it takes time.

In fact, it gets easier to launch a micro-niche blog after making enough to be investing in them through an authority blog.


The content marketing industry falls in love with both the authority and micro-niche blogs. Making the right choice comes down to personal preference.

However, nothing is practically wrong if you can maintain the two - more possibly micro after the authority.

Do you prefer combining an authority blog with a few microblogs? Do you want only microblogs? Are you against making blogging a full-time job or putting one egg in the same basket by sticking to one blog? Share your views in the comment section below.

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