Google Adsense: How Long Does Approval Take?

Waiting time for Adsense approval

One of my students recently applied for Adsense. And till the time of this post, he has not been approved.

The guy had read my post, “How to Get Faster Google AdSense Approval With 1 Submission”. He had put everything prescribed into action. Then, he was curious to know why Google had not approved his blog.

He got back to me to ask why. He wanted to know if I was familiar with such a delay in the past with any of my clients or students.

My direct answer was YES, it’s nothing unusual.

I used this opportunity to educate him further. His lesson, I believe, you may also want to have if you find yourself in the same mess.

Google Adsense Approvals Can Be Fast

Google can approve your application so fast or delay it beyond your expectations. It boils down to the type of applications we're talking about here.

Adsense account is usually one. And if you see someone claiming he has two accounts, he's likely operating that illegally. However, approval for Adsense can take two forms.

First Time Approval

This is the approval expect from Google after you'd created your blog, posted a few satisfied and quality content and set to earn money through Adsense.

Here, you apply and expect approval for the first time in your blogging career.

It has been known that your application can be delayed for days if it's the first submission. It could take a few days, weeks or months before Google could approve you for this first time Adsense application.

The waiting period may be longer due to the queue of waiting applicants. Don’t forget, you’re not the only one asking for the acceptance into the program. Hence, you will have to wait for your turn.

Second and Subsequent Approvals

I’d said Google Adsense account should (can only) be one. What if you decide to start a few more blogs after the first approval? What do you do? Do you have to open another account?

In the past, once Google approved you for Adsense and your codes were given, you could share the same on several blogs you started later or with a friend or family not approved for Adsense.

However, for now, you will have to apply to "add new blogs" to your existing Adsense account. Here, you need the second approval for any subsequent websites or blogs to use your codes. Your codes won't work on any domain not officially approved.

It actually doesn’t matter if the new blogs are yours or friends’. What is important is for them to meet the guidelines for websites that merit Adsense.

This second approval has been known to be faster than the first-time approval. Most applications get attended to within a week and if satisfied with the quality, get approved within that short time.

My Student’s Application Was Not Attended to Because...

My guy, in the discourse, wasn’t accepted, at least not yet. He believed something should be wrong with his blog or the application. Whereas, his own application is the first time.

I checked his blog. I noticed he had done things right following my guide. So, what went wrong?

His application has not been attended to in the first place.

That’s it!

You wouldn't get the approval unless your application was attended to. In other words, he was in the queue and he just needed to be patient enough to be attended to.

If Google won’t approve your application, you will receive a decline notice.

What if Declined, Will they State Reasons?

After setting him off the worry that he didn’t satisfy the conditions for approval, he asked me, “what if declined eventually, will they state the reasons?”

The answer to that question is NO.

Google won’t state why (specifically) your Adsense approval was declined. They would just be broad about it. They will leave you open to decide why you won’t be allowed to join the network.

See the quote below.

The team has reviewed it but unfortunately, your site isn’t ready to show ads at this time. There are some issues which need fixing before your site is ready to show ads. We encourage you to review and update your site. Once you’ve done so, you can request a review. Our specialists will review your site for compliance with our Program policies, so make sure to resolve all of the issues.

That’s a decline notice from Google if you’re not qualified for Adsense approval.

The link, in the notice, takes you to a long guideline that you must follow if your application will be accepted. Your next move is to study that again and see where you might be doing things wrong.

You may also need to check the first 6 blog types you shouldn’t start if you mean to monetize your blog with Adsense.

First and Second Applications Can Be Delayed for Approval For Special Reasons

For certain other reasons known to you or Google herself, your application approval may be delayed or suspended. This is actually rear but it does happen.

For instance, during the pandemic of coronavirus, Google had got back to some applicants - pleading to them to hold on, as they’re working to restructure the teams in charge of the process.

Hi everyone! Due to coronavirus (COVID-19), we are restructuring our site review teams. Because of this new site approval on your account might be temporarily unavailable. We appreciate your patience and support. We are working around the clock to solve these challenges and will update this message as the situation changes  -- The AdSense Team

That’s an update to Adsense Forum members to hold on in case of new applications or submission to add new websites.

As a result, a few applicants had reported their applications were delayed with a reply such as the one below.

There could be more cases than this even without prior notices. Applicants should just honor the waiting time. It's part of the application process.


Adsense approval is the easiest thing. However, being through delays and declines may make it appear otherwise to the newbies. I failed on my first application too. But that was years ago.

Today, I will get approved if I must do that a million times a day. Only by following a simple step-by-step guide.

Where things seem blocked after doing the expected, it may be due to factors beyond the control of the team in charge.

Don’t forget that there is a difference between dayed in approval and decline of application. You may need to exercise more patience if it’s the former and correct things before resubmission, in case of the latter.

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