When to Start and End Link Building Campaigns

The right timing for link building

I know you hate link building. Who doesn’t anyway? However, we all know it’s the backbone to growing our authorities in content marketing, we seem to have no choice.

Building links is not as complex as you’d read about it. These writers love to convince you that you have to dedicate the life-time of your content writing career to creating links.

Some have tried building links but with no results. Their problems may be timing. If you start link building campaigns the wrong time, it will appear as if all you're hearing about its importance is a nightmare.

Some authors had given you the tools to build links. They'd given you long proses and strategies but you later realized they wanted to sell something to you. You read lots of technical jargon that made you think you couldn't handle it all by yourself. Hence, you’re forced to request their quotation.

One such recommendation is to look for related websites, get their contacts, and send emails to them to give you links back. This is working, yet unnecessary.

Hence, the questions this post will answer include:
  1. How do you start link building campaign without tools?
  2. Does the times have effects on link building success?
  3. When is the right time to start linking building?

Link building campaigns and strategies don’t have to be life-taking. Below is all you need to know about starting your personal campaign while you earn links free.

Starting to Build Links in the Second Quarter is More Realistic

One of the mistakes you may make as a newbie is believing that you have to start chasing backlinks as soon as your website goes live.

The question is, what have you covered that deserves the links?

Even if you’re able to secure a few links with twenty posts, Google and other search engines won’t mind you at this early time of your writing.

They take their time to watch your seriousness with writing. Search engines are aware that very many people will start blogging and vanish a few weeks later.

Therefore, don’t expect them to give you any pay-back for the links you've just secured at this early stage. Perhaps, that will assist crawling and indexing anyway.

I had recommended starting out for links in the second quarter of your first year in, “Link Building: The Good, the Bad and the Ugly of Backlinks”. That’s the most realistic time to start.

Similarly, we've learned that new blogs and posts won’t experience any serious ranking until after the first 3 to 6 months of regular and quality content writing.

No matter what you hear out there, don’t get too anxious to start link building from the first week.

Take Enough Time to Secure Organic Links

You can get links through several mediums, a few of which I’d covered in the post linked above. Guest posting is working. People using moderate and professional link exchange loves it because it pays back.

However, there’s only one link source that does not only stand the test of time but remains flawless forever.

No dent to any backlinks you get organically. You don’t request it. It’s purely natural and search engines are aware of this.

They reward you for that without a further look at the sources of such links.

If you get a link from a forum, group or wiki, search engines are bound to be skeptical about it. Most links coming from these sources are spammy in nature.

If you get links from guest posts, search engines will want to know if the same posts had appeared severally online thereby leading to duplication of content across the net.

The only source ever trusted by the search engines you’re dealing with is organic. I’d covered creative strategies to get natural backlinks in the post, “Increase Organic Traffic FREE With These 4 Techniques”.

Don’t be tempted by all the recommendations of the SEO gurus out there. Most starters don’t need complex approaches. Starting that lane will only cause frustration.

Unfortunately, you can’t secure any or serious organic backlinks unless you write quality and unique content. That's why it earns the trust of search engines.

Other means to secure backlinks can be adulterated and manipulated. Organic has no such an impression.

Therefore, if you can’t achieve the best content for your topic or niche, you may have no other choice than to pay for services of the so-called SEO experts trying to sell you complex tools to achieve link building.

I advise you to wait as long as it takes to get organic links - through your unique content though.

Expect Spammy Links With Time

From my experience and that of others, as your website grows so also the spam links.

When you start to experience backlinks from unrelated websites, it can cause tension. You wonder how this is happening and you’re afraid Google may sanction you for it.

The good news is that, Google understands one way or the other spammy links will crawl in. They know how to differentiate that from your self-manufactured backlinks. Hence, they will ignore them where necessary.

Hence, they get you covered. You’re safe!

Search engines don’t punish you for these backlinks. So, relax!

Link Building is a Continual Exercise But Leave it to Content

You may want to know when to stop building links for your website. Well, you can stop as soon as you reach your income, traffic, or suitability goal.

However, link building doesn’t have to stop at any time in the life of your blog. At the same time, you don’t have to keep nosing around for backlinks. Just keep doing the good work. You know that? Quality content!

As already said, people won't stop linking back to your above-par content. Hence, links keeps coming.

But if you’re getting physically involved, soliciting backlinks and you don’t want to spend more time doing that, the best time, TO STOP, should be when you reach your target.

Internal Links Stops Only When You Stop Writing

Linking one post to the other on the same website never stops. Unless you’d stopped writing for that website, you should always find old posts your new ones are related to – hence giving links back to or from them.

Don’t forget that internal linking is a part of link build strategies that helps as much as external links.

What if you stop writing?

You won’t stop editing and rewriting the existing ones, of course.


When it comes to the right timing to go into a link building campaign, I will warn you to wait a few months to have enough quality content to chase backlinks with.

You'll love how things work if organic links favor you eventually. Hence, write and write the best possible.

There shouldn't be a time to stop seeking links as they will come directly or indirectly.

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