How to Protect Your Adsense Account From Ban

Uncommon Tips to Protect Your Adsense Account from Being Banned
There are, probably 1,000,001 reasons your Google Adsense account can be banned. Yet, all of these reasons are traced back to invalid traffic and clicks. 'Invalid traffic' is when you're not getting your visitors from legitimate sources while 'invalid clicks' are ad clicks coming from such traffic.

The focus of this post is to help you protect your Adsense account. I want to give you clues to preventing it from being disabled or banned. 

There are obvious threats to your account. There are activities that you can easily avoid which include clicking on your on ads. You already know that Google sends you home if you ever intentionally click any ads on your website or blog?

You also should know, by now, that any forms of campaigns or website promotion that may lead to click bombing should be avoided completely. Even if the promotion channel was legitimate but with unreasonable clicks on ads, Google might still disable your account.

Click bombing is a term used to represent a situation where visitors continuously or repeatedly click on your ads on your pages, especially from the same spot, thereby inflating your earnings beyond a reasonable figure.

You should also know that clicks exchange between publishers form different ends, if detected by Google, will stop ads running on your blog. See 11 Reasons Adsense Ads Not Showing and Sure Solutions.

And if you ever digress your topic or niche from acceptable or legitimate one for Adsense into something disallowed, Google will stop its ads running on your blog - ban your account. In other words, it's better for you to stick with your original niche with which you'd got approval for Adsense or any niche that Google allows to run its ads. 

If you, later, put Adsense codes on a blog or post promoting unapproved content or topics that conflict Google Adsense Guidelines, you'd just signed up to give up your account.

You must, as well, have known that you should make your ads different from the main content of your blog. By color and blending, ads should stand out such that readers won't mistake them for your content text, images, charts, videos, etc.

Of course, the above are obvious reasons your account can be banned. And you can easily protect your account based on your knowledge of these. What if I told you that there were several unknown twists that can protect your account if you see it coming?

Uncommon Tips to Protect Your Adsense Account from Being Banned

Below is the list of immediate actions you can take if you suspect your account can be comprised if things are not checked.

1. Remove Ads in Suspicious Spots

I once got to my Adsense dashboard to see a quick jump in my earnings. This was good news but at the same time bad one. I got more money! That's good news. My account might be comprised. That's bad news. So what did I do to check things?

An increase in Adsense earnings doesn't have to be alarming. It should gradual. There are no twits that can spike your income from $1 to $100 in just a day without boomeranging. 

What if you notice this kind of jump? If you're used to 20 clicks a day and suddenly it increased to 50, something was fishy.

To help protect your account, answer the following questions:
  • What areas of your website are the clicks coming from? From homepage ads or ads within the posts? Ads in the last part of the posts? etc
  • Are the clicks on specific ads or within specific posts? The top ads or sidebar ads?

If clicks are happening on the homepage ads and on the same ads, you might be infected with a malicious bot that blindly clicked on the same ads and right from the homepage. An enemy or a competitor may be on your neck to get you sacked.

In this case, remove the ads from those spots. If possible, remove the ads from your website for a few days. It will be worth it in the long run rather than accruing money that you will never get.

2. Stick with Organic Traffic

The best sources of traffic, if you're running Adsense on your blog, is natural traffic from search results.

It'll be safer to let 80% of your traffic come from search engine traffic. Using too much of paid or solicited traffic can kill your Adsense account. Especially, cheap traffic coming from Facebook, Whatsapp group and likes can easily be interpreted as invalid traffic leading to invalid clicks.

In case you're afraid enemies may inflict your pages with click bombing really, you're safe if you'd always depended on organic traffic. Google will be suspicious too that the traffic was not doctored from your end if you'd always got traffic from search engines.

3. Check and Control Visitors Activities

Visitors' activities may lead to waving goodbye to your Adsense account if not checked. Under normal circumstances, more of your visitors should read your posts before clicking a few ads - if any. This is why ads within and below the posts should give you rest of mind if they're mostly clicked. 

Ads within and below the posts should give you rest of mind if they're mostly clicked.

Where the top ads are being clicked most, something is not right with your visitors. Kindly remove the top ads for some times or permanently and live by the ones within or below the posts. It's worth it even if this will lead to a temporary drop in your average earnings.

4. Don't Go Aggressive with Placement

Especially when starting out in blogging, you're likely to fall to going too aggressive with the placement of ads. You must have learned that you don't put more than two ads above the fold, you don't put skyscraper ads above the fold, you don't put the same ad types close to each other, etc.

If you can't get these right, consider using auto ads as Google can't go wrong with itself.

If you're too aggressive with your ad placement, people will, mostly accidentally click. These clicks are obviously invalid. And if excessive, can take your account away from you.

5. Watch out for Spike in CTR

It's the joy of every Adsense users to see his Click-Through Rate growing. It's as pleasing as seeing your traffic and clicks growing. However, you have to keep checking things to be sure you're not killing your account gradually because of this success.

CTR  means the rate at which people are clicking on your ads vis-a-vis the number of times ads are displayed. It's the average clicks per visitors to your website who ads are shown to. This is measure in percentage. The higher the click-through rate, the better. 

But any figure above 10% is suspicious. With even 10%, it means people click 10 out of 100 times ads are shown. If any figure above this, it becomes so unreasonable and unbearable that Google may fire you consequently.

Although there is no general consensus on what an ideal CTR should be. In fact, with just 1% CTR, your account may be suspended or banned if the clicks are invalid.


This post has not only reminded you of what can lead to your Adsense account ban, but it also gives you a new look at other less-discussed factors that may lead to that. It doesn't stop there, hence, shows you what can be done immediately you sense something is not normal with your earnings.

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