How to Turn Your Job, Hobby, Class into Blogging

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One of the challenges very many who wish to start blogging will face is timing. Especially if you want to make it a side hustle, you may be worried about how to have enough time to develop your blogging skills and make some bucks from it.

To solve this problem, some of us had resolved to turn our daily businesses and professions into blogging. This will be the best and quickest way to make ways in this world. Of course, it'll be easier for you to share your knowledge in a field that you'd already made a career in. 

Starting this lane will make you gather enough practical experiences before trying to start another blog if so wish later. And it won't be difficult if you choose to blog for a field or niche you don't have any knowledge of before.

Do you have a profession that you will like to turn into blogging? Do you want to turn blogging into a career? While my post, 4 Super Approaches to Create, Build and Run Authority Blogs, may come handy here, below is a guide to achieving that in due course.

In fact, Your Career, Profession, Business, Training or Bobby is a Blog

If you look closer, your blogging wand is right beside you. It's possible to start where you are with your business or career knowledge.  

Blogging For Real Job Will Be More Practical

When I started out in blogging, my first niche was education. 

I chose this because I was an education consultant offline. That's the field I'd been for the past years. I spent all my days advising and guiding students, parents, and guardians on what to do, how to do it, and when to.

So, when I started my blog, it was so easy to bring that stock of experiences online. When you read my posts, you're immediately convinced that this guy knows what's he's talking about.

Comparing mine with others in the niche, you're sure my work can't be copy and paste as common around here. Read my answer to: Can I Copy/Paste Posts and Still Rank in Search Engines?

If you truly want to blog and turn that to a fulltime career, you may need to bring your offline experiences online, to start with.

A lawyer will be more practical and realistic in his presentations compared to a graduate of Business Administration who chooses a law niche.

A street marketer must have stock of experiences to share with the world different from what we've all learned in classes. His experience can be specific to people of a state and their environmental factors.

The basis of starting a successful blog is having enough practical or research-based experiences in the chosen niche. That's why I recommend starting out with what you already know well.

Having established this, let's look into a few other adventures that can be turned into blogging with success assured.

Turn Hobbies into Blogging

Blogging is becoming my personal hobby. And I've turned that, coupled with my writing hobby, into not only businesses but successful blogs (i.e the very blog you're reading on and a few others).

I started with an education blog, as earlier narrated. Then, I grew to understand how it all worked. I learned with errors and trials what it took to succeed in blogging. Then, I started this very blog to share my knowledge with you and others.

Interestingly, it's earning more money than my first blog was capable of. Very many SEOs also had similar experiences.

What's your existing hobby that can be turned into blogging?

Crafts, tutoring, parenting, fashion, counseling, etc?

You can turn any hobby, no matter how ridiculous it may sound, into blogging and make money from it eventually - except anything illegal.

Turn Interviews With Experts into Blogging

One quick way to avoid learning something to blog about is to use the knowledge of other people. 

This time, you don't need extensive research to gather information to share with your audience. You only need a few experts in your chosen niche who can be interviewed from time to time on different topics.

These people will be your go-to when you come up with topics. Then, you arrange interviews with them and turn this into writing. Luckily for you, you can combine this with Youtube and podcasts. This, of course, will add feathers to your caps.

Learn a Vocation and Blog Your Knowledge

Just like it's ideal to start a business you have good knowledge of, so it's important to acquire knowledge of a niche to blog around. Even before you start using the new lessons being acquired in the practical world, you can share your lessons with people. 

That is more of a lesson diary!

What you'd paid to learn can be passed onto others. Though you spend some bucks to have this, a few people are searching the length and breadth of the internet to learn it free. You can share your lessons with them at no charge. 

Before you start beating me up for that, you'll, in the long run, make your money back and more. Nothing is practically free online. People pay back directly or indirectly. 

If you can build enough readership and followers for your topics, these people can be turned into future clients for courses or training you launch. They'll click on your ads if you run Adsense or similar native ads. See 8 Reasons To and Not To Use Adsense on Your Blog.


To some of us, blogging is a business. To some a hobby. It's as well possible to turn your existing profession or continual training into blogging. The easiest one being sharing your practical career experiences with your audience. You can start out on a part-time basis or side hustle, yet with time, it can turn into your full-time source of income.

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