Tactics to Quickly Increase Blog Earnings With Small Traffic

Earning Higher Money with Small Traffic?
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This is as simple as asking, why is your website or blog not making enough money? Less traffic or other factors? And what can you do to boost your earnings even with small visits per day?

Making money with blogs is, probably, the most important thing for all publishers out there. In fact, it's mine too just like you. However, it can be frustrating if you're making less than you'd thought. 

Things may get more complicated if you see a few publishers reporting $1500 to $5000 in earnings from their blogs and you're here struggling with less than $100 a month. 

What if I can hold you by hand and show you how I left your state and made it to four-figure blog income and still rising? I'm not showing you some cunning shortcuts you're had read out there. In fact, I won't say the usual things like 'write more quality content' or "focus on keywords with high CPC'.

You know why?

You don't need to be reminded of the need for quality and unique content if you're serious with blogging. I want to assume your blog already contains a few of that. 

I don't want to ask you to focus on higher-paying keywords now especially if your niche is not into such niches that are blessed with high paying keywords like law, banking, insurance, or SEO companies. And not all of us are capable of bringing in a lawyer jokes into sports, education, entertainment or relationship niches that notoriously pay very low in CPC.

Hence, let's focus on your existing keywords, content quality, and small traffic. You can make more money with the little you already have.

Let's ride on. 

Eery steps I took to increase my blog earnings were legitimate, simple, and not as redundant as you've read elsewhere.

It only requires you to pay attention to strategies I'm about to share with you to increase your Adsense earnings resulting in maximizing the clicks, CTR, CPM, sales and conversions. And most interestingly, you will achieve all these with Adsense and blogging best practices. Read: Adsense CTR: What's Ideal or Not? High or Low Percentage?

Below is a list of means to boost your earnings whether you're a full-time or part-time blogger. But before that, let's get something important rightly.

Earning Higher Money with Small Traffic?

You may still be skeptical that it won't be easy to turn your less traffic into more income. You're partly right. Yet, you're wrong!

I've learned earlier in blogging that more traffic equals more money too. But with time, I realized that's not the case in all situations.

After launching my second blog which was attracting very few visits per day but with a surprise increase in the earnings, I concluded something must be wrong with my early knowledge.

What's wrong?

My tutor was used to earn only through higher traffic. And you know if you'd not experienced something, your knowledge might be limited to the old and general ways of doing things.

Launching the new blog back then taught me new things about traffic. Traffic is not created equally. A blog receiving hundreds of visits may earn more than one with thousands of visits.

It all depends on the quality of that traffic. For example traffic from developed countries like the USA, UK, Canada or Australia is twice or more as quality as those from Africa, India, and Asia.

Effects of Low But Quality Traffic at a Glance

  1. Higher CPC: The cost per click (CPC) for ads showing to visitors from the developed world is usually higher.
  2. Ad Impression: Google tends to show ads for each visit to small traffic coming from advanced countries compared to massive traffic from Nigeria. Adsense may not show ads for certain dormant posts on your blog - even though you have codes on those pages. You'll love to read my 11 Reasons Adsense Ads are Not Showing and Sure Solutions.
  3. Advertisers are Higher: Because more people are shopping online in developed locations, even if the traffic is lower, Google tends to receive more advertisers from that end.
  4. Source of Traffic: A few visits and clicks from organic sources (search engines) will earn you more than massive clicks from a WhatsApp group, Facebook page, and Instagram. Here are the Hottest Techniques to Increase Organic Traffic FREE

To this end, I want to come back to your level. You don't need to start a new blog now, just because you want to focus on developed world traffic. You don't have to be including irrelevant keywords into your content all in the name of higher CPC. And you can't force Adsense to show on a page it's not meant to.

Then, let's increase your blog revenues with that low traffic following the methods below.

How to Increase Earnings With Adsense

First, let's see how to maximize money earned by blogs running Adsense even with low traffic

1. Reduce The Number of Ads

I know this may sound crazy or contradictory. How can you possibly earn more from less? Just as earlier explained. This is very possible. QUALITY traffic is more important than QUANTITY.

So, to make good use of fewer visits, reduce the number of your ads. More ads means the supply is high on your blog. Even if many advertisers bids for those spaces, they're only ready to pay less. After all, you have more to sell. Hence, they can bid as low as $0.01. That may be the reason you're earning just $0.60 from 30 clicks.

You must have heard that the higher your CTR i.e click-through rate, the better your CPC. That's true.

Click-through rate is the ratio of users who click on a specific link to the number of total users who view a page, email, or advertisement.

If 1500 ads are showing on your posts altogether but at the end of the day, you only have 10 clicks, your CTR will be so low. This could be approximately 0.0066% (i.e 10/1500). That is too bad!

If however, you have 100 ads with the same clicks, you have 1% in CTR. That's a good point. Though the higher the better. Yet, be sure you don't go beyond 10%. It may pose threats to advertisers - leading to your Adsense ban. 

In short, advertisers prefer a blog where more people are genuinely clicking their ads. It's of no use biding for ad spaces nobody clicks on.

I'd personally experienced this while starting out. I had 500 posts within a year. Within each post, I showed 3 ads. Unfortunately, I couldn't understand why I was earning $0.76 dollars per day from dozens of clicks.

Things were blank until I was ready to experiment. I deleted all my 1500 ads and put one ad at the top and below each post. In order words no ads within the post, just at the top and button of each page.

This was where I got it right.

Of course, I noticed for almost the first 24 hours, I could just get 5 clicks. But each clicks fetched between $0.92 to $0.25. Daily average CPC was consistent at $0.13 dollars or more.

It may be tempting to put 5 or more ads per page especially because Google has given you the chance to fill up your pages with them. What if it's a trap to let their advertisers buy cheap?

At most, use three ads. I recommend putting one at the top of the page, second below the page, and Vignette auto ad (Mobile full-screen ads that appear between page loads).

And if you're using auto ads, Google should put ads only in the right places. Yet, don't fill your ads to the maximum.

2. Place Ads Where Money is

Positions of ads is another area to pay attention to. If you place ads where people are less likely to click, you're doomed. That's as bad as not placing any ads in the first place.

Be conscious of the type of content you write and your audience. Are your audience more educated or less? Less-educated readers are likely to click on the top ads as soon as they land on your pages. These people may not be able to differentiate between ads and the main content on arrival.

If you write for a more educated audience, they may not click on ads at the top or within the posts. They will likely click on ads right at the bottom of the posts or Vignette ads when navigating to read linked posts.

Ads at the top, though usually earn higher because more clicks are more certain. Yet, if compare earnings from the top ads with the one at the bottom of the post, a click on the latter may give you more money than 10 of the one at the top.

Be mindful of how people interact with your posts. Do you write long-form content or short direct-answered posts?

If your audience usually reads to the end of the page, that's where the money is. If they usually get answers, to their queries, at the end of the introductions, and are likely to navigate away right there, placing ads below the introductions may be the best take.

I know you get the idea now. Just look into your posts and the interactions with the audience while deciding where best to place your ads.

3. Increase Views Instead of Traffic

While we complain about lower traffic, we forget that we can convert a few visits into more page views. Luckily for us, more page views is better than high traffic with less page views.

Let me explain.

If I have 10 visitors but with links within the posts taking them from pages to pages, I win more views. More page views give me CPM (cost per mile) which is the cost per thousand views. There are advertisers who pay for CPMs instead of clicks. They pay a certain dollar amount for every thousand ad views instead of clicks on those ads.

You can only earn this with more views. 100 visitors who check or read 10 pages each, gives you any amount bid for the CPM.

I had dedicated a post to tactics that increase your page views with low traffic. Take a moment to read and see how quickly you can increase your earnings without promoting your blog for more traffic which had already been won by the authority blogs.

4. Stick with Organic Traffic Only or More

A quick explanation was earlier given regards this.

The route of your traffic is another determinant of how much you earn per click. More is paid for clicks from organic traffic compared to traffic from social media or direct visits.

Google is always skeptical about traffic from Facebook, Whatsapp, Instagrams, etc. These people are less likely to be genius traffic. Perhaps they had been lured into visiting pages that they never aimed to.

If you noticed too, just lately, there promoted links processing you free data, winnings, etc. But when you land on the pages, you're greeted with ads. By mistakes or designs, you end up clicking the ads.  Such a visit is not genuine. Genuine traffic comes from search engines. This is what advertisers pay more for. People coming from Google search are likely to genuine clicks. In fact, if your earnings are being reduced from time to time due to invalid clicks, it could be because of invalid traffic from social media or so.

This is why you should focus on organic traffic. While you don't have to be afraid of being charged for invalid clicks, your Adsense is safer if all your clicks come from genuine visitors.

5. Block Low-Paying Advertisers

Advertisers don't pay the same. Any of them is free to bid at the cheapest price. Though Adsense gives publishers the highest bidders. Yet, some lower buyers will still craw into pace ads with you especially if no available higher bidder.

In order to protect publishers further, Adsense has given us the freedom to block any ads we feel is paying unbearably less. 

To make use of this, visit your Adsense account and click on 'Blocking Contol'. Here you can navigate through all your potential ads. Take note of ads that are not related to your content and block them. For one reason, visitors are less likely to click on ads not relevant to their queries. For the other reason, the advertisers for such usually pay less. 

Ads promoting free, scholarships, giveaways, etc are likely to pay less too. Why? Why would advertisers pay high for giving something away almost FREE?

How to Increase Earnings With Similar Opportunities

Adsense is just one of the ways to earn quick money. It is ideal if you love the small bucks that sum up to something big. But if you want to take advantage of the small traffic and still earn big, take other avenues to earn with a blog.

6. Bring in Affiliate Business

I know this is a shocker. Do you know it's NOT ideal to put all your eggs in a basket?

You must have learned that people are making it better with Adsense. That may be true. But have they told you, your Adsense account can be banned for any reason beyond your control. I know you're aware of the reasons Google may ban you. But, are you aware that some disabled accounts' owners also took measures to avoid this misfortune? Yet, they were shown ways homes.

As a result, the affiliate marketing business can be combined luckily with Adsense on the same blog. You can start from here. In that post, I showed you how to start, run, and manage an affiliate business with your current blog in just 7 minutes.

And if you'd been told that Amazon and similar affiliate networks had recently cut their commissions, they're right. But something to remember is, placing all your hope on one source of income is as risky as not stating anything in the first place.

7. Create and Sell Related Products or Services

You can sell your own product or service on your blog. If you're aware, I'm also an education consultant. I started a blog a few years ago. All I did was to share guides and updates with my audience. Later, I got a past question pack from a popular exam body. Many people were looking for this pack online without success. Traveling to get one at the office may cost around $30 or more. People prefer getting the softcopy right from their homes.

I scanned and converted the pack into PDF. Then, I created a page on my blog to share with my small audience that they could buy the past questions from me. I created two more posts around the exams and give links back to where I sell the past questions.

For two years, I sold no copy of this pack. But I swear, as I was writing this post, someone just called in to buy the pack. I'd been selling this at $3.85 to an average of three clients per day, since the beginning of the lockdown. That was a lifesaver during the drought.

You can also create your own course or training or any product or service around your niche. Sell to people and make more money from a few people visiting you.


Traffic sometimes is like age. Age is just number!

With a few quality visitors per day to your blog, you can make more money than competitions who seem to have dominated your niche. Following the strategies detailed in this post, you can increase your Adsense CPC, CTR, and CPM with small traffic. You can as well create more avenues to make money with your blog.

Do you think you'd had applied any of the tricks in this post without success? Are you considering creating your own products but don't know how to implement things? Share your views in the comment section below.

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