How to Push Blog Traffic During Holidays and Weekends

Generally, traffic drops during the weekends and national holidays. And if you're not affected by this, you may not be on this page in the first place.

We may be too quick to conclude that it's probably our own blogs or websites that are suffering from this. However, it's a more general concern. It's, in fact, a norm. Traffic must drop within Fridays through Sundays.

TIM was generous to share with his readers that he had been consistently losing traffic during the weekends and national holidays. Although this reported drop in traffic wasn't that huge, according to him. Yet, it's noticeable.

One of my websites averaged a total number of 5044 unique visitors per day. However, during the preceding workweek, that same site had averaged roughly 5969 visitors per day.

This shows you and I are not the only ones in this mess. In fact, every non-weekend target website and blog should experience a traffic decline during the weekends and holidays.

In my case, generally, all my blogs will lose about 25% traffic between Thursdays and Sundays. And for certain niches, traffic declines as the weeks run out. For example, you may have 5000 visits (on my education blog) on Thursday, Friday might be 4500, Saturday 4000, and Sunday 3500.

This position conforms with the report in the graph below too.

This shows a consistent drop over the days of weekends

Bradley Web Group also reported a shocking finding of up to 50% weekend traffic drop.

Most websites “see a significant drop in traffic over the weekends, many times by as much as 50 percent”, further emphasizing just how large of a drop there is on web traffic over the weekend.

However, a few websites and blogs in areas such as food, photography, parties, joints, books, children, and DIY-related get more traffic than weekdays during the same period.

Why You're Losing Traffic to the Weekends and Holidays

Having established that some websites may gain more traffic during the weekends and holidays while others still lose to it, you may want to know why you're, in particular, losing to the weekends.

Below is a quick look at various contributors to traffic drop during weekends and holidays.

1. Internet Interactions drop Over the Weekdays

Most cultures take work seriously as economic activities start on Monday. And usually, this may continue till Thursday or Friday. Most findings and researches happen during the working periods and drop during the night. 

That's sure!

The same happens from weekdays to weekends. Seen a drop in your traffic may mean people using your content are in the category of busy people who need answers during the working time rather than for weekends.

2. Weekends are Majorly Accepted for Relaxation and Recreations

Most people find it difficult to turn their backs to the internet during the weeks. Their lives and businesses depend on it. Yet, they want to get off that trap as the weekends draw nearer. 

Weekends are their best chance and excuse to be less active on the internet and spend quality time with their families and friends.

Hence, it's universally accepted that your website visits could suffer during the weekends and holidays.

3. People Socialize During the Weekends

There are usually more offline activities such as sports, exercises and gyms, cinemas, partying, and outings.

We mostly wait for the weekends to leave work behind. And if our weekdays are occupied with the use of the internet, weekends are definitely going to be different. People have weddings to attend, seminars or conferences, churches, etc. All of which may NOT need any form of internet, researches, or any relationships with your niche.

How to Retain or Increase Traffic During Holidays and Weekends Northwistanding

Now, we all agree there is a culture to experience traffic drought during the holidays. But, are there no ways to manipulate the system? Can't you, at worst, retain the usual weekday traffic during the weekends? Is it possible to force more visits while others give up on the traffic nature of the weekends?

Fortunately, there are strategies to bring more traffic to the board during the weekends and holidays. In fact, if you're not writing for food, partying, joints, sports, movies, etc, you can still make more people (both new and returnees) check out your posts.

Below are your best takes.

1. Weekends are the Best Times to Write for Google Discover

Google service "Discover" is now one of the hottest means to generate quality and natural traffic. 

Google Discover (previously known as Google Feed) is a personalized content feed created by Google that proactively serves relevant content to users. ... Discover is available to mobile users on the Google App, Android devices, and on all mobile browsers (when logged into a Google Account)

And as a matter of fact, more people spend time looking at Discovers daily on their android phones. However, with fewer business distractions during the weekends, they may spend more quality time browsing through Google discovers for news, latest sports updates, movies, etc. And since there are more to see on Discover, your content is likely to feature for more people if they're related to their histories.

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2. Weekends are the Times to Refresh Your Content

Google crawls around the net every second of the day. Unless there are new things to show, the bot will crawl and leave as usual. If you have a new addition, some substractions, or updates of any kind, your content is likely to be shown for most immediate searches so Google can get feedbacks if your new update is worth it. 

Google will likely show weekends searchers your content if you just review and update it better during the same period or days before.

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3. Weekends are the Best Times to Hit More Social Shares

I personally don't like sharing content on Facebook, Twitter, or forums during the working days. It's distracting and less appreciative. While your followers love to wait till the weekends to relax and read your content, it'll be right to wait for them as well.

The right time to hit your social share buttons is during the weekends. Obviously, it will bring more people as your readers also, will have time and reasons to share with their families and friends. Unless your posts are urgent for consumption, don't share, other than during the weekends. It brings traffic and love from readers.

4. Send Email Newsletters During the Weekends

More working people will be happy to receive and read your content during the weekends. Sending one to them during this period is perfect. They will read not only for fun but to share their opinions on it with their families and in the comment sections. 

I'd noticed I got more comments from visitors during the weekends, even with fewer visits than during the week. The busier they are, the less likely they comment. And if it is worth sharing during the week, their co-workers will be told about you while sharing the weekend time experience.

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5. Attend to Comments More During Weekends

One of the areas most publishers underrate is the power of commenting on content and replying to it. A few readers will come and drop comments which you may not have time to attend to during the week. Unless very urgent, these people will be waiting for your responses, at most, by the weekends. 

Some visitors tick the "Notify me of the response" boxes in order to receive a quick notice through their emails as soon as you answer them. These readers will have no other choice than to come back to your pages for their full responses if attended to when you experience a traffic drop.

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6. Delay Ads to Weekends If Possible

Using paid ads to promote websites and content is not for everybody and budgets. If you can afford it and you usually notice traffic drops during holidays too, you should launch your campaigns right at this time.

We all agree that paid ads will force your content right in front of the few people spending time on the net during the weekends. You will appreciate your Return on Investment (ROI) if you win more clicks, subscriptions, sales, and conversions while your competition gives in to the internet nature of the weekends and holidays.

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Wining more traffic during the weekends and holidays is nothing difficult if you know what to do as detailed in this post. You only need a few tricks that give huge results. The more you can be consistent with the above-detailed methods, the more likely you will retain your number of visitors and page views or even break the usual boundary.

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