Does Updating Your Website Help SEO?

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After dropping a few posts, one of my students showed me the good work he'd done for the weeks.

I was surprised at his success at releasing unique content literarily daily. However, he had not been getting any organic traffic. 

Of course, we'd all discussed and got it that traffic wouldn't just come naturally like that. You had to wait a few weeks or months before seeing any success in visits coming from search engines.

He so much relied on this position that he thought it wasn't just the right time to get quality and natural traffic.

Seeing his work, I thought otherwise. He was not just doing a few things right. Had he done the little things right, he should be seeing some visits by now.

There was no way to conclude that he had not been getting free traffic due to my observations. Yet, I believed if he could do a few things differently, things should, at least, look better. And if lucky, his traffic might have spiked even though the website was new.

So, what's my observation?

He was not updating the website continually. He was too busy writing posts that he didn't consider updating the old ones and the entire website - after all, "content is the king!"

This takes us to the questions at hand. Is updating old posts or the entire website helping SEO in any way?

The answer is YES. If you're fond of updating your posts regularly and see how to give every part of your website professional and technical touches, from time to time, you're sure to win BIG with SEO.

This post will prove beyond a reasonable doubt the importance of updating your existing posts and editing parts of your website is an effective way to achieve stress-free Search Engine Optimization.

Core Reasons Updating of Posts and Website is Working for SEO

Updating old posts and the website as a whole has really achieved greatly in SEO with such proofs as detailed below.

1. Updating a Website is a Ranking Booster

Neil Patel was direct at concluding that, If you want to boost your SEO, look no further than updating your old content.

He observed that it's the perfect way to increase the traffic your website gets from search engines, and it’s guaranteed to make a huge improvement in how well your content ranks.

Back to the story of the student, after I told him to update the posts and republish them to the new dates, he returned, the fourth day, to show me how Google had ranked most posts beyond his expectation.

This success testifies to my recommendation in "Increase Organic Traffic FREE With These 5 Techniques" where I listed updating content as the number 5 tactic.

2. Updating a Website Helps to Make Content Error-Free

Even if you prove-read your posts on the first publishing dates, a few errors might still crawl in. After cross-checking a few times, you might scape through with spelling errors or grammatical mistakes.

However, there are errors that are beyond that. Misuse of words, dormant statements, and synthetic mistakes are a few blunders you may come across while updating your old content. You will find, "How Grammar Errors May or May Not Affect Ranking" more resourceful on this.

Correcting errors while updating will not go without helping your ranking. Of course, Google takes grammatical errors into consideration while ranking. Poor presentations also affect readers' interactions which is bad feedback for your ranking.

I personally won't notice a few errors in my posts until I return to edit a few weeks later. I can testify to the positive effects of just doing that.

3. Updating Website Helps Google to Understand it Better

Apart from the content which may be more important, parts of the website that's not well thought out may render your content off target in the long run.

Google and other search engines must be made to understand all parts of your websites. The menu, links, structure, and layout must be SEO-friendly. 

Whereas, it's hard to get that 100% when you're starting out, especially if you handle things all by yourself. As a novice, you may be missing out on making certain parts of your blog accessible to visitors and bots

While updating, you will notice things. Cut what shouldn't be parts of your layout, and add what will make your website more professionally accessible to search engines

4. Updating Website Forces Google to Recrawl Your Posts

It's true that Google voluntarily crawls new posts - at least with time. However, experience has shown that bots may not crawl certain posts for a very long time or may jump such posts on early visits.

One quick way to bring Google bots back to recrawl the content is to update and republish the post, especially to the newest date. I call this, "A Simple Trick To Force Google to Crawl/Index You Posts"

In the case of my student, after updating, Google bots must have revisited the content. Having sensed that there were new updates, it recrawled. This resulted in better visibility.

5. Updating Website Helps to Attract New Subscribers and Retain Old Ones

Usually, updating a website goes with updating the old content and republishing it. 

As your website grows, new subscribers will be getting on board. These people want to read more and more from you. If you take time to update your old posts and republish, you're not only feeding the new subscribers with what appear to be new content but those who have read that on your blog before will still be informed you'd updated your content.

In fact, those old readers might not have the time to consume the posts the very first time you shared it with them. Seeing it again may be the best time to read what they'd once missed.

6. Updating Website Results in Reranking and Higher CTR

Immediately you're done updating and visited by the bots for crawling, your posts will be taken up the SERP for feedbacks. If more people click on this, you'd got more click-through rate (CTR).

The end effect of a spike in CRT is better ranking and retention of the top position in the SEARP.


Updating a website is beyond editing parts of the web pages, your posts are also parts of the website that must be taken into account while updating. The result of this simple SEO activity may surpass that which you expect from dropping new content daily.

Updating your website will give more to the success of your content marketing in very many ways as detailed in this post which the end is more traceable to improved SEO.

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