Can I Start, Build and Run My Blog on Phone?

When starting out to be a blogger, the first question that comes to mind is how?

And if you'd read a few guides to launching a blog, you must have seen how easy, it is, to get things done.

I guarantee your blog could be live in just a few minutes as already guided in my post, "Start Blogging from the Start in Just 5 Minutes– Using".

This, I'm certain, using any of the blogging platforms out there, is realizable.

However, starting a blog is just the beginning. There is more to it.

You need to retouch the default templates or even change the templates entirely

You need to create posts, add images (where needed), and sometimes videos.

The question is, can all these be done on a mobile device?

Do you have to necessarily use a computer to be a blogger? 

Or you start with a smartphone before you can afford a computer?

This post will be taking you through how a mobile phone may be sufficient for blogging and where it may not.

It will as well show you the little things that may count if you don't want to use a smartphone all through.

Blogging is Very Possible With Just a Smartphone

Depending on the niche, you can easily start your blogging adventure right on your smartphone. Especially where little or no research is required, blogging is now easier than ever with a smartphone.

There are more things to put in place before you can start and run a successful blog. Among these is a smartphone or computer.

Of course, different niches require different approaches to starting, writing, and marketing content.

For example, a traveling blog, that only requires a short story of your journey and places visited, will be fine, if run on a mobile phone. Of course, phones are ready-made machines for your videos and photos. What else?

However, a traveling blog, where you wish to detail certain data, give graphical analysis, show chats, tables, etc, won't fall at hand with just a pocket machine without the sweat.

If you can be mobile-conscious while choosing your niche, you're good to go if you can only afford a smartphone for your blogging project.

Smartphones Can Start the Journey

Of course, I once told you that blogging can be fun. If you will only chase the funs, you don't have to invest hugely in blogging. A smartphone is enough to interact with and entertain your readers.

However, if making money is your long-term focus, you shouldn't ignore the fact that "we use money to make money".

If you should be asking this question, it's probably because the money, for a computer, is not available or you don't have the time and space to carry a laptop around.

Here, you can take to a phone to start with.

In fact, there's an incubation period in blogging. This is the period when no visitors will visit your pages unless you share with a few friends and families. 

This is the time when Google and other search engines will hardly crawl your content. And if ever crawled, they're hardly ranked to page one for potential natural/organic visitors.

Hence, you've saved yourself the money and the pain if you just start the blog on phone. 

Your phone will take you through the incubation period. You can easily take enough time to compose, save to draft, publish, republish, edit, and perfect things until the right time.

You ask, what's the right time?

The right time is after the incubation period.

My first blog spent good 12 months before it could see major organic traffic. And this blog was natural-traffic dependent.

Sharing my content across the net is not going to be favorable to a blog I planned to use Adsense on. It's not favorable for a blog that intends to beat the big dogs in the industry.

Hence, I had to wait for the organic traffic which is due to come at the very right time.

Of course, I didn't start on a smartphone. Yet, had I done that, the result could have been the same. You can't beat the limit!

Smartphones are Naturally Right for the Touch-Screen Warriors

Just as it may be difficult for a few people to use a phone to blog even if the content is just a sentence, it may equally be difficult for a few to use the computers as efficiently.

What if I told you that millions of people could type better and faster on their smartphones but would not hit a key on laptops without feeling the pain?

These are touchscreen warriors. They can spend all day telling a series of stories online, commenting on Facebook and Twitter posts.

If you're in this category, you're already fine with using your phone to achieve your blogging work.

It's time to invest the same energy in your blog instead of wasting it to comment a thousand times on social media platforms.

Of course, smartphones are getting smart. Instead of smartphones to be competing with stand-alone cameras, the reverse is becoming the case.

And if you're not just coming to blogging, probably you're coming with thousands of followers from Facebook, Instagram, etc, smartphone blogging may turn out to be your best take.

You can take a few shots while on the go and share them with your followers across the globe.

Blogger, WordPress, and Other Platforms Apps Are Right in Stores

Of course, you have easy access to the website and desktop programs for any available blogging platforms. Yet, with smartphones, apps are more findable and feature-rich for you.

You can download the required apps on the play store or apple store, logging in at any time to create a blog, compose content, and administer comments.

Just like blogging apps, a few other apps and plugins such as voice-to-text, notepad, photo-background changer, etc can come in hand when you need them most.


There is no doubt that you can start blogging right on your phone. However, you may need to still use a computer in the long run especially if your niche requires more researches and data analysis.

But to start with and keep going without stress, using a smartphone to blog may be more friendly than dedicating separate time to using a computer.

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